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Sandcastle's My Cup Of Tea

Nina: This is Tia... better known as Sandcastle's My Cup Of Tea... as far as I know, she is the first and only smooth collie in Croatia. 6 weeks old, photo by Pia Petman 2.5 months, at home

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Nina: Thank you all!

eple: Wow, great photos! And motives!

semi: Nina and Tia GREAAAAT!!! Really fantastic pictures, shame I´m here sot often..but pleased to see pictures and notes of Tia... Seams brother Nikita is the same crazy temperament, just have not that quality camera...pity.. here 1 very fresh picture few days ago...aaah many warm greetings to all of you Jana + Nikita and all noses

Lisa: I don't know if you see it the same, but at a lot of pictures with Lien she looks a lot like Skip, I think If you don't see them next to each other because of the size, but like here from behind...

Nina: We spent a beautiful weekend in Serbia where Tia won her final CACIB title for INT CH!

Nina: Something a little different... our very first agility competition is behind us... Tia exceeded all my expectations by making clean run and ending up 4th in agility! :) Unfortunately we didn't run jumping because she somehow managed to get injured while playing with other dogs between the runs... :-/ she is feeling better today, let's hope it doesn't take her long to recover completely... I'm very very proud of her!

JT: Congratulations!! Well done

eple: Very impressive! Congratulations

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