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Cake Krasna louka

Gabriela: Kendy

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Natalain: Gabriela Very good photos!


Gabriela: Kendy's granddaughter Cherryl (Natalian Nightfall's daughter)

Collie Dolli: Gabriela wrote: (Natalian Nightfall's daughter) WOW!!!!!!!!!! She`s Dollii`s (N.Normandia) niece we love our alliance very much!

Gabriela: Nice to meet you, Auntie.

Natalain: Gabriela Thank you for last photos with Cherryl (Odie`s daughter)! It`s very interesting to see Cherryl now. I have seen only puppies photos of these litter. Hope to see them as they grows...

Gabriela: Natalain As soon as I have other current Cherryl's photos I'll put them here. She is a beautifull young lady

Gabriela: The longest noses of the family

Gabriela: What a yawn! :-) Indy Krasna Louka

Gabriela: Coffee Krasna Louka (Author: J.Ourednik)


Gabriela: ICY Krasna Louka :-)

Gabriela: Cake Krasna Louka 7,5 years old. Photo by: Tereza Hillebrantova


Bounty: Perfect Small rough collie looks like big mouse Very nice

Gabriela: Actually, it is a mouse looking like a sheltie puppy

Bounty: Aha, so it is sheltie puppy Does not matter, collie or sheltie, puppy is very lovely


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