JT: Hello, I am a male Smooth Collie from Estonia. My webpage:

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Asata: Hello Aapo and Jaanika!!! Welcome!!! We very glad to see you!!

JT: With a friend Freya a german shepard dog

Lisa: Hello JT, Your Aapo reminds me a lot of my own Dog! They sometimes have a really equal look ;-) And you?ve got a very nice webpage. lisa

JT: PITCH and GO in Tallinn, Estonia 25.05.08. You can find more picture from the competition here and

Lisa: hi, i have never heard of this kind of competition, what has the dog to do there?? it looks funny

JT: In Estonia the "Pitch&Go" competition was arranged first time in Tallinn in Estonia 9th March 2008 year and by dogschool Tubli (where we go with Aapo) . In the competition the dog has to bring somekind of plaything to his owner as much time and so fast has he can within 90 second and earn scores like that. The farer the plaything flews and the dog brings it to you, the more scores you get. Also your dog cannot drop the plaything before the line which you're behind of. It's pretty hard to explain the rules but the event is fun and educative! :) It develops your dogs speed (and he can run a lot) and also enchase yours co-operation. We've been participating the competition every single time now (3 times together now) and every single time its goes better then last time. Aapo enjoys it. Well Aapo enjoys every sport, that requires running Aapo has been the first and only smooth collie in Estonia who has taken part the competition, but hopefully it changes and a lot of smoothes participate in it next times

Natalain: JT Nice photos! In 17 May there were National Collie Show in Moscow and here was held Pitch&Go competition also. I think that it is very interesting activity and dogs and owners like it very much! Our Duna (Natalain Heilory Hope) took part in this competition (she was 4th). I think that it is very good activity for smooth collies! Good luck for next time!

JT: Thank you Natalain! Here are some pics made on sunday. Aapo with his mom Kimmu

Natalain: JT Nice photos! It seems that Aapo is similar with Vipi!

JT: I thought to but some Aapo playing pics in here. One in agility practise One in Pitch&Go Also would like to ask, how many of you are playing frisbee with your smooth and how do they like it? Aapo is just crazy about it

Twinway: Congratulations for the pics of "pitch and go" !!!!!

JT: Thank you Twinway! I haven't updated Aapo's profile for ages in here, so thought to put some pics made last year in Lithuania, Vilnius dog-shows.. Vilnius Winter Cup Vilnius Christmas Cup

MacGees: Familiar looking photos.. Congratulations again on your result!

JT: Thanks MacGeer's ;)

JT: On 14.02.2009 we participated in International dog-show Tallinn, Estonia (judge was Gran Bodegard from Sweden). Aapo got his first CACIB and was BOB. Some pictures of him:

Natalain: JT Congratulations!

JT: Meanwhile in Estonia there was a Shrove Tuesday and I tried to teach Aapo with a clicker how to sleigh. I made a little video of it and you can see it here I caught into it that I made another video of our practise, what you can find here I recommend to turn up the volume as well :) If you like them, you can also give your vote ;)

JT: The video competition is just ending tomorrow, still have one day left to vote. So if you have time and you like our videos, please vote for us (give 10 points) - cause the end is so busy and straggle is big. We just need couple of more votes (in estonian hinda). Vote for a smoothie ;)

JT: Some winter pictures made by Dagmar Tappo Aapo getting the snowball Aapo getting the ball Aapo satisfied having the ball

Nina: Excellent photos!