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Duna: Here is our Vovan. He is 3 months old boy. You can see his dad, mom and brother here.

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Lea: Do you have new pictures?

Mabinogion: he still looks lovely

Natalain: Lea We will try to make some new photos very soon. You can see some his "playing" photos in new russian forum: I like him very much! Now he have visited 3 shows with results: 3-x "Best Baby", Baby BIS And he has fantastic character! Mabinogion Thank you!

Natalain: Here is new photos of Vovan. Now he is 6 monthes old.

Natalain: New photos of Vovan, 7 monthes old:

Mabinogion: he is going to be a very nice dog! thank you to show us the photo's

Twinway: Thank you for the pics of Vovan !

Natalain: Mabinogion Twinway Thank you!

MacGees: Natalain: Very nice photos of Vovan!

Nina: Beautiful boy

Natalain: MacGees Nina Thank you!

Natalain: Vovan at 8 months:

Twinway: Always a lovely boy ! I like very much his eyes !

Natalain: Our Vovan in his German Sheepherd`s image : age of 14 monthes

MacGees: Very nice!

Natalain: MacGees Thanks!!! Today`s photos of Vovan. April in St. Petersburg:

Glenmorangie: Very, very, very nice boy, Natalain Congratulations I really would like to have him at home Thank you for sharing Best wishes, Françoise

Natalain: Glenmorangie Thank you very much for compliments We have 2 sable boys (almost 5 monthes now), who still looking for owners. They are VERY close related with Vovan (the same father + Vovan`s grandmother) These boys are not very similar to Vovan, but I like them too.

cris: What a beautiful bot, very nice head!!

Natalain: cris Thank you! Today in Saint-Petersburg Vovan was BJ + BOB in International Show and also BJ + BOB + Junior BIS + BIS-III in Specialty Show (collies + shelties)! We are really proud of him!