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Natalain Prime Minister

Duna: Here is our Vovan. He is 3 months old boy. You can see his dad, mom and brother here.

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JT: Really good results! Congratulations!

Natalain: When we were in Finland last week-end we have made some new photos of our Vovan: Evening before show: In the show place

Shana: The charming guy!

Nina: Very beautiful photos! I love the silhouettes

Duna: Shana Nina Thank you!

Selbit: Natalane Prime Minister - 2хBOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slovenia,EUROPEAN DOG SHOW and club show!!!!!!!

semi: we were in the ring with Vovan! Congratulations!!! Just for our Nikita was a bit *bad luck*..hahhaha.... greetings to Alexandra ..was nice to meet you there

MacGee's: Congratulations!!

Duna: Selbit semi MacGee's Thank You!!! semi It was nice to meet You too!

woodchuck: Such great pictures - and congratulations! Greetings, Cordula.

Duna: woodchuck Thank You!

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