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MacGee's collies

MacGees: I haven't been able to update my website in ages, so here are some new photos of our team.. The man in the house, Bo 5 months (M. Street Spirit) Our little lady, Vicky 5 months (M. All I Need) And their mom, Maggie 6 years (Tender Wind's Majestic Maggie)

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Roberta Semenzato: I love Maggie!! Which bloodlines does she has?MacGees

MacGees: Thank you Roberta! Here is a link to Maggie's page in the smooth collie database where you'll find her pedigree.. Maggie

MacGees: Some photos again.. MacGee's High Speed, Tender Wind's Majestic Maggie, M. All I Need & M. Street Spirit Elvis, Maggie, Bo & Vicky

Natalain: MacGees Nice photos of family!

Nina: Very nice!

MacGees: Thank You Natalain & Nina!

MacGees: Again some of Maggie's puppies.. Keiko (M. Morning Bell), Bo, Vicky & Maggie And Maggie..

JT: very nice little family :)

Natalain: MacGees Nice photos again! Is it "today`s" photos? Very "green" for December

MacGees: Thanks JT & Natalain! And yes, so far we have had a very green winter here in Helsinki..!

MacGees: Few pictures again.. Bo Maggie & Vicky Bo & Vicky ready to run! Keiko "the kangaroo"

Nypsy: I Like that picture of Bo very much!

Natalain: Very nice! Especially first picture

MacGees: Some pictures again.. Bo & Vicky are soon 8 months old. Bo: Vicky: They are both still very playful! and sometimes a bit rough too..

Natalain: MacGees Great photos!

MacGees: Thanks again!

MacGees: New stacking photos of Bo and Vicky, they're now 8 months old. (c) M. Haavisto. Bo: Vicky: Maggie, Vicky & Bo:

Roberta Semenzato: i love tricolours!!! beautiful family pictures!

Jack Mack: Oh, I love Maggie, she looks very similar to my first smooth Ch. Foxearth Fire Opal (Ch.Foxearth Fire Cracker x Foxearth Flippant) strong but elegant! I would love to show some photos but I have no idea how

asandzan: Gudrun, let me show you how Moira, I fell in love with her first time I saw her [img] Karin.jpg[/img] It doesn't work!