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MacGee's collies

MacGees: I haven't been able to update my website in ages, so here are some new photos of our team.. The man in the house, Bo 5 months (M. Street Spirit) Our little lady, Vicky 5 months (M. All I Need) And their mom, Maggie 6 years (Tender Wind's Majestic Maggie)

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Nina: It's because of the space in the filename... this one should work I also like both Maggie and Fire Opal very very much... new photos are always welcome...

MacGees: Thank you Roberta, Nina & Jac Mack! I like your Fire Opal very much, I have seen other photos of her too, lovely!

cris: Wonderful pictures and very nice dogs!! The picture of Bo with light from behind (see post of January, 10th) is spectacular!! I am enchanted by winter light of your country!!

MacGees: ^Thank you, I like that photo too! Here are couple of photos of Elvis. They are taken in England last weekend. And Elvis having fun!

JT: I just looked these pictures in your album and I really like them . The backround and the feeling in them is just soo amazing!! Elvis looks so great in them and happy. The best place where a collie would like to be is having fun in a field :)

Natalain: Very nice English photos!

Nina: He is so beautiful in these photos...

Twinway: He is so cute in these pics !

MacGees: Thank You JT, Natalain, Nina & Twinway! JT: I love seeing a collie playing and running on the fields too!

MacGees: Spring is finally here! Bo, Vicky & Maggie are enjoying the sun.. And not long before it's time for this little boy to move to his new home!

Lisa: Where is he going to? Lovely pictures of the dogs, they look so cute all together :-)

MacGees: ^ He's going to England, but because of all the regulations DEFRA has, he has been staying with us so far. You'll find more information about him on my website.

Lisa: Oh now I know. I wondered because of his name, Bo. I was looking at Palaisance Smoothies webpage just a couple of days ago, so I thought I've seen him before ;-) Good luck with bringing him up there, i will have the same problem with Skip in october. How will he go there? Are you flying or going by car?

Natalain: MacGees Oh! Really spring in Finland! In Petersburg is not the same now. Yesterday we had snow again in the first photos there are 3 klons Good luck for little boy

MacGees: Some new photos from us, we spent the Easter at "kennel Tender Wind's" and we had a lovely time there! Bo Vicky Maggie And then we had fun - as usual! I also received new pictures of Mellon (MacGee's Nice Dream). (c) N.Hedstrom Thank you Nina for the pictures!

Lisa: The are all sooo cute, I know why I always wished to have a tricolor-Smoothie


MacGees: New stacking photos of Bo and Vicky 10 months old. They attended the Lahti international show last Sunday, first time in a junior class (9-18 months old) and Bo won his class and got a RES CC. Photos (c) J. Lahtinen Bo: Vicky:

MacGees: New picture of my girls, Vicky 14 months and Maggie 6,5 years. One might almost think that they are related..

MacGees: Two more pictures of Vicky and Maggie.. It started to rain less than a minute after the last picture was taken..