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MacGee's collies

MacGees: I haven't been able to update my website in ages, so here are some new photos of our team.. The man in the house, Bo 5 months (M. Street Spirit) Our little lady, Vicky 5 months (M. All I Need) And their mom, Maggie 6 years (Tender Wind's Majestic Maggie)

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JT: Really nice ones

Duna: Very nice ladies!

Nina: Always so beautiful photos here

MacGees: Thank you JT, Duna & Nina! Yesterday we went to our summer cottage for one day, the weather was fantastic and now that I have a new zoom lens, I just had to try it out! Maggie Vicky - mama's little helper..


JT: Awww excellent helpers you have there


MacGees: Maggie's puppies are 15 months old today! Here are new pics of Vicky and Boo.. MacGee's Street Spirit at Plaisance, "Boo" MacGee's All I Need, "Vicky"


MacGees: With a little help from my friend, here are some autumn photos of my girls Maggie & Vicky. Maggie: Vicky: And the girls together.. Special thanks to Nina for a lovely day!

Duna: MacGees WoW! They are perfect (both: photos and Your girls)!

Lisa: So lovely Pictures! Halloween can come now

Dianne: Thanks for these beautiful photos Dianne

MacGees: One more photo of Vicky Halloween came and went and soon we can get ready for Christmas!


MacGees: Maggie 7 years

JT: Gorgeous ... and the backround wow

MacGees: Thanks! We had a bit of a morning mist today..

Duna: MacGees Maggie is really beautiful (and Your photo, as always is beautiful too)!!!

MacGees: Thanks Duna! Welcome to our Winter Wonderland! At times it has been as cold as -18 degrees! Santa has lost his hat..