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MacGee's collies

MacGees: I haven't been able to update my website in ages, so here are some new photos of our team.. The man in the house, Bo 5 months (M. Street Spirit) Our little lady, Vicky 5 months (M. All I Need) And their mom, Maggie 6 years (Tender Wind's Majestic Maggie)

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Lisa: Wow, so beautyful pictures... and dogs, of course we have no snow here

Natalain: MacGees Super photos!!! We have very many snow too. It is the record of quantity of snow for all time when people conform the weather

Nina: Brave move to take the camera out to -18... but it was worth it! Natalain, wow!! Our snow is all gone by now... it's just raining all the time...

MacGees: Thanks again for your comments! I think Natalain has sent us some snow, because we are very close to breaking the record this winter...! Just take a look at these pics starring Vicky, who absolutely loves and enjoys jumping in the deep snow! And two photos of Vicky's sister Mellon:

COWNBRED: Hi Sari...just looking at your beautiful dogs....excellent pictures......... but you don't really like tricolours do you .... Do you have any blues or sables??? Keep the pics coming I love looking at other breeder's stock.... very interesting.....

MacGees: ^ ha ha! I love my tricolours and at least at the moment they're all I have. Here's one more picture of my Vicky

MacGee's: I went to England last week to see how Boo was doing. And what a clever boy he is!

JT: Boo looks really great! And the pictures are as always nicely caught

MacGee's: Thanks JT! Spring is finally here after a loooong and cold winter!

MacGee's: Vicky & Maggie

MacGee's: Summer in Finland has been long and record-breaking warm this year. Now it seems as tho it'll soon turn to autumn.. Nevertheless, new pics of my girls Vicky & Maggie

mojito: Beautiful girls


Nina: I love your photos and your dogs

MacGee's: Thank You Mojito & Nina! Few more pics.. Maggie has a new hobby - she is playing petanque!

MacGee's: Autumn and tricolour smooths go very well together..

semi: REALLY BEAUTYFUL!!! I´m not here so often..but pleased to see those pictures and great smoothies Jana

MacGee's: Thank Jana! This was taken yesterday.. And we are expecting some Christmas puppies!

JT: Uuu very nice news

MacGee's: Introducing our third litter, they are 6 weeks old now and cea clear. GIRLS.. MacGee's Urban Hymns MacGee's Bittersweet Symphony MacGee's Velvet Morning And the BOYS.. MacGee's Northern Soul MacGee's Stormy Clouds And here they are playing outdoors in the snow!