Photoalbum Mighty's Spring Meadow ELECTRA GLIDE

Mighty's Spring Meadow ELECTRA GLIDE

mojito: Hello, Below some photos of my sweet little Mojito

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Natalain: mojito Welcome here! Mojito is very nice, baby`s photos are so sweet

semi: HI Mojito and Justynka - Great you add some lovely pictures...we´re pleased! Wish you all the best Jana and all pack of noses

JT: Wow really cute and sweet pics of your lovely dog ;)

mojito: Thanks for your opinions My sweet little Princess on last exhibition [/URL]

mojito: We are preparing to next show.Our training

sero: Lovely

mojito: The actual photos of my sweetie

mojito: After club show

Roberta Semenzato: nice pics

MacGees: Very nice pictures!

Duna: Very nice face!

Lisa: a lovely girl

asandzan: She's cute

mojito: Thanks We start learning new things...

JT: Jeei and seems like she truly enjoyes the things you do with her

mojito: Few more photos

Lisa: great

mojito: Some new photos of Mojito

JT: Aww the first one is really cute - hugging friend

semi: Pictures of Mochitko are * simply GREAT! perhaps you shoud make one SUPER own calendar...LOOOOL I´m so proud of both you!