Photoalbum Introducing Timonan Winifred Wily (Sirpa)

Introducing Timonan Winifred Wily (Sirpa)

eple: Hello! I have been a member here for a while, and I thought I should introduce mye smooth collie puppy who is already 4 months old! Time goes by so fast Here are a few ( ) pictures of my little Sirpa: 8 weeks: 10 weeks: 15 weeks: 16 weeks: 17 weeks:

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Nina: She is adorable! Kisses from her half sister

Glenmorangie: Wow !!! Very nice and charming Wish you all the best together Best regards, Françoise

eple: Nina wrote: She is adorable! Kisses from her half sister Thank you! Nice to see her half sister, Oliwer hardy was a handsome dog! She looks wonderful And great photos! Glenmorangie wrote: Wow !!! Very nice and charming Wish you all the best together Best regards, Franoise Thank you!

JT: Good luck to you with you lovely smooth girl!

Eposia: Very cute

eple: JT wrote: Good luck to you with you lovely smooth girl! Eposia wrote: Very cute Thank you very much! Here are some pictures from our summer holiday. Sirpa is now 5 months old!

JT: Really nice pictures

eple: JT wrote: Really nice pictures Thank you! New pictures

Nina: Beautiful girl

eple: Nina wrote: Beautiful girl Thank you :) Here are some picture from Sirpas first hike and sleep over outside in a tent. She is now 6 months and 2 weeks. We saw both sheep and deer on our trip in the forest and mountain, Sirpa thouhgt it was very exiting. We camped nearly above the tree border, but only after 1 1/2 hours of walking. In the beginning of the hike My boyfriend joking around and Sirpa Sirpa eating blue berries at the top of the mountain Inside the tent Sleeping

Shabtay: She's such a handsome girl!

mojito: She's cute

eple: The puppy on her first show 8 months old She behaved very good! Ps, not my pictures, but I wanted to put them here for tuula to see them :)

JT: Very nice

Lisa: Congratulations, what was her result?

eple: Thank you :) She got best in breed (no competition), and number 2 in the group.

Nina: Like a real professional... congratulations!

Shabtay: Gratulerer så mye! :D

Lisa: congratulations, BOB is a great result, but being second in Group is gorgeous! We have only been once selected to the best 7 dogs in group one, but never placed

eple: There were only 4 other dogs besides sirpa in the puppygroup, but it was fun non the less. And we are very proud of her She was so good at showing her teeth to the judge. Takk for gratulasjon

Applepie's: Sirpa is really beautiful. It's nice to see her pictures. I'm the owner of her father and I own her brother T. White Whistler "Walle" and sister T. Winnie Willow "Tara" too Walle was first time in junior class last weekend and he was BM4 and got first Cac. I want to hear more about Sirpa, please send me email

eple: Nice to hear from you, congratulations on great results! I will send you an email.

Dianne: What a lovely puppy - will you show her?

eple: Thank you :) We have been to puppy show, and we have some shows nearby that we are going to attend in 2010 ;)

eple: Merry christmas every body

Lisa: hmm... THAT present would make me happy

eple: She surely has made us very happy! Here are some meroe christmas photos:

eple: I have once again tried to take som pictures of sirpa when she is standing correctly. It's not easy.. I'm going to try again later outside in better light. But here are two of the pictures from today

Nina: She looks very nice!

semi: What a lovely girl - Sirpa! sending many warm greetings from her half brother and brother of Tia - Nikita! Wish many successes and happyness some pic of * happy Nikita with a pack of girls...

Lisa: jana, that looks like a lot of fun

semi: sure they such a pack! I looked at smoothies database and Siroa is still not there up dating..some of her littermates are there... p.s. Lisa i did mistake and add 2 x times same picture..sorry here the right I wanted...LOL...smoothies are really so funny with their looong mouths when playing... hope Sirpa is same active happy girl as Nikita.

eple: Thank you! Nikita is a very handsome boy! Sirpa is not on the database yet because I was hoping to get a better picture first. But she will be :)

semi: Thank you, we wish you MUCH happiness with your Sirpa! If she has simmilar character then Nikita you should have lots of funn with her... The last picture you add is quite nice, just this shadow is little will du nice picture sure..

eple: A kind person has edited the last picture for me so that the shadow is not so disturbing and the background is a little bit more calm :)

eple: We have been to the vet with sirpa, her eyes are clear, hips and shoulder are free! We also have been to three more shows. One without any competition, she got bob with cac (cert). Next show she was no 1 in junior bitch class, but did not get bob. Last show she was no 1 in junior bitch class, and no 3 of the bitches. So we have had some training in the ring, but we need more. Sirpa is jumping and goofing around in the ring. Not beeing very calm..

Lisa: congratulations and wonderful ealth results!

eple: Thank you! Here are a few new pictures

Alertness: Very nice head pictures! Her ears are beautiful too

eple: Thank you New picture:

eple: 1 1/2 years old: