Photoalbum Asandzan Carla 5 months

Asandzan Carla 5 months

asandzan: Here she is, posing very seriously just like mom, grandma and grandfather

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Natalain: asandzan Really very nice girl! Who are her parents?

asandzan: Natalain, thanks! She is by Syystai'an Viisas - Asandzan Adelfina

Lisa: What a Beauty

LBL: She's posing like a pro, and looks much older than five months. She's really beautiful!

Nelson: Oh, my favourite puppy from this litter, she looks really gorgeous Congratulation Hanna to such a pretty girl

Duna: Very beautiful young Lady!

mojito: She's beautiful

asandzan: Well.. She does have a straight tail, there are no teeth missing an she has good ears. But if you take a look at this picture..

Lisa: yes, you can always say it was the movement... but i like that movement a lot

asandzan: She would like to jump up to the sky and fly

mojito: asandzan wrote: She would like to jump up to the sky and fly like my Mochitko

asandzan: And here she is 9 months old, still just as serious

asandzan: 9 months 1 week old, her first show in juniorclass, jun exc1 BB1 BOB I'm quite happy Photo by: Jari Lahtinen

Lisa: such a beaty, she really deserved it

Duna: asandzan Congratulations! Very nice lady

semi: Congratulation! She present´s GREAT in that age! Beautyful girl...


Nina: She looks fantastic

asandzan: Well, I didn't want to open a new thread Here are grandma, sidekick and granddaughter

Jack Mack: Just nosy what became of my favourite Clara ??? Gudrun