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Close-Up of smooth collie

Natalain: Model is our Shana (Selbit Harmony Natalain), photographer is me Look Nose Smile Laugh Tongue Wrinkles Pa Friendship These photos in the full size you can see here: http://natalain.smoothcollie.ru/a-photoalbum-close_up_of_smooth-e.html

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Mabinogion: wonderfull photo's Natalain!!!!

Natalain: Mabinogion Thank you here too!

Mabinogion: you are so welkom ,i mean it

Roberta Semenzato: great job, as everytime

Twinway: The pics are absolutely great ! I like very much the way you take pictures

Natalain: Roberta Semenzato Twinway Thank you very much!

Nina: These photos really made my day...

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