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Amber Rise

Bounty: See our Amber Rise photos: More photos You can find at Amber Rise homepage in photogallery.

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Duna: O! Wonderful photos! Fantastic picture with snow (ice?) field! Are You working with your dog as Rescue unit?

Bounty: Thank You, Duna. I am enjoying You like my photos Amber Rise ist just preparing for IPO-R exam, but we plan puppies in next months, so exam will be done next year. If You like winter photos, some of them You can find here ...

Natalain: Bounty Thank you for great photos! I like all of them, and especially winter photo too. Thank you for the link of "winter gallery" - very nice!!! Good luck with puppies plan!

Bounty: Thank You, Natalian. You have very nice photos on Your web page too (especially action smooth collie photo from head of Your homepage is fantastic) My winter photos from link above was selected for magazine Life with dog (sorry, in slovak language only). They asked me to write article about hiking with dogs to every issue. You can see part of this photos from miscellaneous part of Slovakia, for instance from Low Tatras, part of south Slovakia or from Croatia.

Natalain: Bounty Thank you very much for compliments! And for very nice photos in your links!

Bounty: I corrected link for photos from Low Tatras, sorry ...

Mabinogion: hai nice photo's ,i have enjoy them !

Lea: Wau...wunderschone Photos...Bounty wan komt ihr nach Slovenien???

Roberta Semenzato: i love this photos for quality and variety (work,show, vacancy...)

Bounty: Zur Zeit mochten wir gerne kleine Welpen haben. In der Zukunft kommen wir aber gerne nach Slowenien und teilen an eine Hunde - Ausstellung mit.

Bounty: Amber pull sledge with Christmas presents :-) Above clouds - from yesterday trip From yesterday trip

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