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Our latest smooth puppies 8 weeks...

OneWay's: My latest litter born 31 of july by:OneWay's Piff x Tanning Primary Key OneWay's Wesley Crusher Ow's Jean Luc Picard Ow's Alyssa Ogawa Ow's Natasha Yar Ow's Deanna Troi Ow's Maggie Hubbell

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Jencolcollies: Gorgeous Jeanette! I like Allysa Ogawa but they are all so cute! Jenny

Mabinogion: i see many lovely puppies congratulation with them !

Natalain: OneWay's I have seen both parents in your homepage and I like both of them very much! Very nice puppies! My favourites are Wesley Crusher and Maggie Hubbell

OneWay's: Thanks!! My favourite from day one is Wesley, but he's a male and I already has to many... and he has anyway "wrong" colour

cris: They are wonderful! Congratulations!!!

Selbit: Congratulation!Very nice puppies!

marakoopa: Very lovely puppies. Janet

Twinway: Lovely Puppies ! I like very much Wesley and Alyssa Congratulations for this nice litter !

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