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Jack Mack: How about a new topic Hi, well yes, we have something to brag about: Our US import bitch Am.Ch. Byluc's Drama Queen who earned her ROM (register of merit, a title awarded to brood bitches who have at least 8 champion-offspring) this year is again in the news: She is nr. 3 most sucessful brood bitch 2008 in the USA - rough and smooth Yes, we are very proud on having selected such a great lady! Gudrun

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myrnash: Fantastic! Hope her pups in Europe do as well!

Duna: Jack Mack Congradulation!

shulune: my 11 month old baby got her 3rd CC & best puppy at the weekend,downfall in the uk we can not claim her tittle till she is over 12mnths old she has to date 3 X CC 1 X RCC 5 X BEST PUPPY BITCH 4 X BEST PUPPY IN BREED 1 X PRO PLAN PUPPY BITCH STAKES (64 entries ) Her litter sister in finland has also done her owners and us proud by attending 4 shows and winning 4 X CAC 1 X BOS 1 X BOB

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