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Lisa: I don't really know if thats the right part of the forum to post it, but anyway: I've got the confirmation by mail that my kennel certificate is on it's way and maybe arrives even before christmas! So, to be honest: I have only this one dog, and it is male so there won't be any puppies in the near future, but I can certainly tell how addicted I am to that wonderful breed, so it makes me really happy to have my own kennel name, even though I would not call myself a breeder, yet well, here we go, if you wonder what the name "Concinnity" means. there's a definition: concinnity (kən-sĭn'ĭ-tē) noun, pl. concinnities * Harmony in the arrangement or interarrangement of parts with respect to a whole. * Studied elegance and facility in style of expression: "He has what one character calls 'the gifts of concinnity and concision,'... " (Elizabeth Ward). * An instance of harmonious arrangement or studied elegance and facility. From Latin concinnitās, from concinnāre: to put in order and from concinnus: deftly joined. Greetings from freezing Vienna, Lisa and Skip

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Glenmorangie: A kennel name that worthly fits to a well bred Smooth Collie Best regards, Françoise

Lisa: Thanks Francoise, I have thought abot the right name and registering a name as such for a long time, but when I stumbled over this expression, I just had to save it

semi: Great name of the smoothies kennel Lisa.. Sure you will have some more iof lovely smoothies in future and will follow your kennel name... with best wished from our freezy meadow...

Lisa: Thank you, Jana! freezing here as well, first snow falling :-/