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We have an problem

beleriad: ... and hopefully somebody in this forum can help us. We bought together last july (2009) smooth male from Belgium. In the same ride Riikka got her female as well. Both of the puppies are born in may 2009. BUT we still dont have any papers for those two. Breeder does not answer any emails (last contact was in september 2009) and we have send several of emails to them. Both of the dogs are fully paid so that cant be the problem at all - and yes, we have all the nesessary papers and emails to prove that part. Does anybody have this kind of problems too? We are desperate at the moment, dogs are soon 1 year old and seems like there is no other options for us but contact FCI, Belgium Kennel Club ar the Police. But that sounds like lot of extra costs, extra trouble and whole lot of the time

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Tiggers: Thank you Beleriad So I am that Riikka and a buyer and other owner. I bought two dogs (male & female) from kennel Of Meadows (sorry, I have to tell this name of Kennel) last summer. Both of the puppies are born in march 2009. It would be nice if here is somebody who could help us to get those papers for dogs.

Jack Mack: These people speak only french, I had my problems with them.... As far as I remeber Laurent Delheille is an official of the Belgian Collie Club, maybe you try this adress: info@vanterkluizen.be Or maybe you can get some help from Monique Paulus, from Flying Heartbreakers kennel, she speaks french. I cross my fingers for you Gudrun

Tiggers: Thank you for your help Gudrun. I sent today email to him and I really hope that we'll get answer as soon as possible. We are wondering why the dogs coats and tails are so thick like rough collie if parents are really Attilanero Del Castelgavone & Oneway's Tail Dancer.

Jack Mack: There were rough puppies after Errol so he must be rough-factored and he is in the pedigree of the father twice so puppies might just be rough-factored and some just show it more than others. Do you have photos?

Tiggers: Gudrun, I will send some pictuces to yo by email for dogs. Do you have any idea how we could get those registration papers as soon as possbile? Should I take a contact to police + FCI + somewhere else also? How did you solve your problems with them?

Glenmorangie: Hello Tigger, Are you in France ? If yes, here is my email address : francoise.morier@glenmorangie-collies.com I'd like to get contact with you Best regards, Françoise

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