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BH Bilbo V. Shakas Royal Kraal 10 years

Lifedream: Bilbo turned 10 years today 18.07.2011. I know he has lots of children and grandchildren in Europe, so I made a small photowall to tribute him. Bilbo celebrates his 10 year birthday! Our greetings to Anette Heuvelink, Bilbos Breeder in the Netherlands. Hanna Lifedream collies

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Alertness: I love Bilbo and am happy that I am the owner of a descendant of him (he is in my puppy's pedigree on the mother's side).

GlenmorangieCollies: You can also count your great-grand-children Dainty Dor Damona, Daffy Dor Dagda (who are both Int. Champions now - pending to validation) and their brothers and sister in France and CZ, without to forget daughter Int. Ch. Dandinas Graceful Gift for Big Congratulantions Sorry to be late to answer, I have had computer problems (hard disk crashed) and lost all my logins and passwords And this is the reason why I just created a new profile. Big kisses Bilbo and best regards, Françoise

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