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Natalain: Smooth collies take part in the different shows in the different parts of the world almost every week. And often win in BIG and BIS competitions I offer to impart to their wins here.

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Lisa: Congratulations Nataliya!

Dianne: Congratulations to Selbit and Natalain for their fantastic results and here's hoping one of their offspring in France, Grazel Atlantica, will do equally well. Dianne

Natalain: Dianne Thank you!

Collie Dolli: Dianne thank you for your congratulations to our daughter "Tina"

JT: Today, in 28.06.2009 there was "Sheep and Cattle dogs speciality dog show" in Prnu, Estonia. Milli Miller Vimas Samurai Aapo was BIS 1!! It's the first time the BIS 1 is a smooth collie in that speciality show So that is why we are really happy and still very positively suprised More info about the show you can read in our blog.

Lisa: wow, congratulations!!!

Duna: JT Congratulations!!!

Sanna: Very nice male! I was just recently sent a lot of pictures of him by a friend from Finland. I will surely keep my eye on this dog, he has great qualities! My congratulations on this victory - many more will come - I'm sure Kind regards, Sanna

JT: Thank you Lisa, Duna and Sanna for your kind words :) It really means a lot to us.

Natalain: JT Congratulations!!! It`s really perfect result!!!

Natalain: 27.06.09 International Show "White Nights" Saint-Petersburg, Russia Best Puppy: Natalain Tarielle BD, CACIB, BOB, BIG-III Natalain Prime Minister 28.06.09 International Show "White Nights-II" Saint-Petersburg, Russia Best Puppy: Natalain Tarielle BB, CACIB Natalain Heilory Hope BD, CACIB, BOB Natalain Prime Minister Also our dogs took part in the Frisbee Competition in this show. I will write about it in the separate topic.

JT: Thank you Natalain! Congratulations for Vovan excellent results as well Also looking foward to read about the frisbee competition, cause we are big fans of it :)

Natalain: JT Thank you! Sasha (Duna) make frisby topic already: here is Vovan`s photo from last show (BIG-III):

Nina: Very nice, congratulations!

Roberta Semenzato: yesterday Class took part at his very first show, he was the only one smooth and awarded EXC 1ST + BOB under Mr Mentasti. The judge also keep Class among the first six dogs in group, I'm so happy of that because he is really young its the translation of judgement: 9 months, good type, good skull and muzzle, excellent expression, correct topline with well high wither, chest enough devolpet fo the age, good kidney and back, excellent angolations and front, good move

Lisa: congrats!

Lisa: Today we were at the Clubshow in Tulln (Austria), only two Smooths: Joyce Krasna Louka getting Best Youth and Skip winning Excellent1, CAC-A, Best male, Clubwinner and Best Of Breed... with that he fulfills the conditions for Austrian champion and Austrian Clubchampion!

Duna: Lisa Congratulations!

Lea: Congratulations Lisa and Skip!

asandzan: Congratulations Lisa & Skip! My little Lempi (Asandzan Carla) was in Kotka puppyshow yesterday BOB BIG1 BIS3 And Lempi and her sister Vilma were BIS3 brace, it was..umm.. .. interesting