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Natalain: Smooth collies take part in the different shows in the different parts of the world almost every week. And often win in BIG and BIS competitions I offer to impart to their wins here.

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Natalain: 23.09 Arkhangelsk, Regional Show, judge L.Popova NATALAIN NEW YORK (Sandcastle`s Naked Gun * Selbit Harmony Natalain) - Best of Breed, BIG-III ow. Anna Aksenova Congratulations to Anja!!!

Natalain: 23.09 Himki, Regional Show, judge Oganova NATALAIN NORMANDIA (Sandcastle`s Naked Gun * Selbit Harmony Natalain) - , Best of Breed, BIG-IV ow. Polina Rudenko Congratulations to Polina!!!

Natalain: 23.09 Slovenia, International Show SELBIT SHENNON (Sandcastle`s Jump The Gun * Selbit Tearose) - BOB,BEST JUNIOR - I , BEST JUNIOR DOG, BEST OF DAY-III ow. Lea Bohnec Congratulations to Lea!!!

Nina: Bravo Lea & Sena!!

Selbit: Congratulations to Lea,Polina,Anna!!!

Nina: Few photos of Selbit Shennon from

carluke: Hi Natalian Love the pictures of the Tri 'New York' he has grown up to be a lovely boy, - but then he was a lovely puppy. Cheers Kate

Lea: Sena wonn BOG FCI I. &BOG FCI I.-JUNIOR !!!

Lea: New York ist fantastisch!! Wass fur ein Mann...kaki muški

Roberta Semenzato: Ballet dancer in black del castelgavone BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Club show S.I.C. Ceccano 2005 (FIRST AND ONLY IN ITALY) 2nd BEST BRACE IN SHOW - Club show Argelato 2005 BEST GROUP IN SHOW - Club show Argelato 2005 BEST YOUTH IN CLUB SHOW - Club Show Zagreb 2005 2nd BEST IN CLUB SHOW - Club Show Zagreb 2005 3rd BEST YOUTH IN CLUB SHOW - Club Show Lubiana 2006 2nd BEST IN CLUB SHOW - Club Show La Tollara 2006 2nd BEST IN CLUB SHOW - Club Show Poggibonsi 2006 BEST IN CLUB SHOW - Club Show Bientina 2006 (FIRST AND ONLY IN ITALY) 2nd BEST IN CLUB SHOW - Club Show Lubiana 2007 (photo) BEST IN CLUB SHOW - Club Show Livorno 2007 6 BEST OF GROUP placements: BEST OF GROUP winner (CAC Legnano (I) - 07/05/06) 2ND BEST OF GROUP mutli winner (Cac Novi Marof (HR) + Cacib Verazdin (HR) + Cacib Novi Marof (BHI) 2006 + Cac winter winner Celje (SLO) + Cacib Graz (A)) four consecutive times BOG pl. winner at 16 months

Lea: Hallo Nina! Ich habe erst jetz bemerkt, dass du das bist! Matejka ist eine fantastische web designerin... schau es dir an Deine Photos sind auch drauf. Ich begluckwunsche alle zum Erfolg!!!

Nina: Lea, nice website, I'm glad you like my photos! Put a link here

Kata: Hello everybody! I'm a very new visitor here. Lea send to me this forum address and I'm very happy that I can speaking here with smooth Collie owners. My name is Kata Garda from Hungary. I have two sable smoothies from Luxembourg from the Flying Hearbreakers kennel. Namely: YthEuCh,HYthCh Flying Heartbreakers Double Ace "Zippy" and HYthCh Flying Heartbreakers Double Charm "Tara".

Selbit: Hallo,Kata! Welcome to a forum!

Natalain: Kata Hello! Glad to see you here!

Mabinogion: hello Kata,hope you like it here to

Kata: Hi! Thanks the warmly welcome to everybody! I'm really very happy that I know this forum now!

Natalain: Today was a big International Show in Moscow - "Russia-2007". It is the second largest show in Russia. CACIB and Best of Breed has got Natalain Normandia (Sandcastle`s Naked Gun * Selbit Harmony Natalain) ow. Polina Rudenko Judge was Wes Stacey (Australia) Congratulations to Polina again!!!

Lea: SUPER POLINA!! Gluckwunsch!! Was fur ein schones Photo und Normandia bewagt sich wunderschon! Wir hatten nicht so wiel gluck, eigentlich war alles scheisse...wir werden es auf der nachsten Ausstellung besser machen!!

Lea: HALLO! Ich grusse euch alle. Unser Resultat vom Sonntag, CAC Maribor: PRM,BOB, BOG III. Ich habe keine ahnung wie ich das Photo schicken soll, dass ihr es sieht.

Lea: Sena ist jetzt Junior SLO CHAMPION und meine Adria (Rough) SLO CHAMPION!!! JUPIIII!!!!!!!!!

Natalain: Lea Congratulations!!!!

catrin: This is already old news, but our Josh (Secret Affair´s You Raise Me Up) was BOB-puppy in Puppy Show in Hyvinkää couple of weeks ago. He also won group 1 and was BIS-4

Natalain: catrin Congratulations!!!

Twinway: Congratulations Cathrin and Josh

Roberta Semenzato: congratulation!!!!!!! in bastia umbra cacib my Cady was Exc 1st CACIB BOB and under english judje group selected

Lea: Gluckwunsch catrin und Roberta!!!!!!

Selbit: I congratulate all winners!!!

Selbit: 14.10.2007 Selbit Ensy Enigma - JCAC, BOB, BIG, JBIS-II, BIS-IV

catrin: Very well done Ensy Enigma! Congrats! *I just love these smileys *

Roberta Semenzato: wow what a result!!! "VAI COSI'" Enigma!!!


Shana: Many thanks! We try!

Lea: Ich habe vergessen es euch zu erzehlen, Sena war im Maribor (CAC) PRM,BOB,BOG III.

Lea: OH, ICH habe euch das schon gesagt... blond LEA

Roberta Semenzato: Maribor? Usually i go there but not this year... congratulazioni

Natalain: 27.10 Voronezh, International Dog Show, judge Revaz Khomasuridze NATALAIN NORMANDIA - , CACIB, Best of Breed


Pinehillside's: 27.10.2007 Lahti, International dog show. Judge: Hans Lehtinen Ch. Honey Melon Hartley Henry CACIB & BOB

Lea: BRAVO! GLUCKWUNSC! Ihr seit alle sehr Fleissig!

Natalain: Pinehillside's Congratulations!!!! Very nice photo!

Pinehillside's: 3.11.2007 Espoo, puppy show. Judge: Piia Manninen Cheyenne du Vent des Moissons BOB-puppy & group 3 Natalain: Tanks

Natalain: Pinehillside's And congratulations again with today`s win of your young lady! She grows very nice!

Pinehillside's: Thank you Natalain This was a "super day" to us..

Roberta Semenzato: great win

Selbit: Pinehillside's Congratulations!!!!

Pinehillside's: 17.11.2007 International dog show in Jyväskylä. Judge: Andrew Brace, GB Ch. Honey Melon Hartley Henry BOB & CACIB

Natalain: Pinehillside's Congratulations with great win!!! Very nice photo!

Natalain: 17.11.2007 Specialty show for collies and sheltie. Judge: Elena Kozina, Russia Best Dog, Best of Breed, BIS-III - Natalain New York Best Bitch - Natalain Normandia 17.11.2007 Regional All-Breed Show. Judge: Alexey Belkin, Russia Best Dog, Best of Breed, BIG-III - Natalain New York Best Bitch - Natalain Normandia Photos of winners: Natalain New York Natalain Normandia

Pinehillside's: Natalain: Congratulations of great wins!! Absolutely fantastic

Roberta Semenzato: CACIB of Genoa (Italy) a very important show concerning: SPECIAL SHOW ALL BREEDS (smooth collies too) special CAC for the italian championship CAC for the french championship CAC for the montecarlo championship Trophy in memory of Massimo Rebonato (del castelgavone kennel) for best male and best female 5 smooth collies entred Multi Ch. Multi BISS Balletdancerinblack del castelgavone Champion class 1st excellent FRENCH CAC + MONTECARLO CAC CACIB, BEST OF BREED

MacGees: Congratulations to both Natalain & Roberta Semenzato!

Roberta Semenzato: tnx, the fabolous paint is by aneto sara (del passo del turchino kennel)

Lea: Natalia, was fur romantische Photos!! Gluckwunsch Natalia und Roberta!

Nelson: Hello everybody, my lovely Nelson (Be My Lord "Nelson" of Flying Heartbreakers) got V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG II. at international show in Stuttgart 11.11.2007 Some pictures here (sorry for bad quality)

MacGees: Elvis, MacGeeґs High Speed was in his last puppy show yesterday with great results! Elvis was BOB- puppy and BIG-2!

Roberta Semenzato: congratulazioni ad entrambi!! (congratulations to both winners)

cris: Natalain wrote: Photos of winners: Natalain New York Natalain Normandia Spectacular pictures!!

Nelson: Hello again, last Saturday was great day for Nelson's daughter Anabela of Bohemia balada (Be My Lord "Nelson" of Flying Heartbreakers x Gaya Krasna Louka) got at international show in Wels, Austria V1 CAJC BOB and IV.BIG!!! She is only 11month old:))) Here not show picture: Anabela of Bohemia balada

Pinehillside's: Hi Pavla, Congratulations for Nelson's daugter great success in Wels Great work

Roberta Semenzato: PURINA PRO PLAN CUP Special show for champion dogs All dogs are judje from a UKKC, a FCI and a AKC's judje (3 judjes for each dog) Multi ch Balletdancerinblack del castelgavone In the moning gain 2nd highest score all over the pastoral group In the evening 4TH BEST IN GROUP I'm very proud about this very important show

Natalain: 23.02.2008 "Eurasia" International Dog Show (The main Russian Int. show!) Best Dog, CACIB, Eurasia Winner Natalain Hard Rock Best Bitch, CACIB, Eurasia Winner, Best of Breed Natalain New Hardy Dream Both Winners: Natalain Hard Rock Natalain New Hardy Dream Best couple:


catrin: Masai (Secret Affair´s Wild Thing) has started his career very very well. In his first show he was only 4,5 months old and was BOB & BIG-1 -puppy in Norway. The second show was quite good too In specialty show for collies and shelties he was BOB-puppy on the age of 6 months. He was also BIS-puppy Here is an old pic of him:

Natalain: catrin Congratulations!!!!

Selbit: catrin

Twinway: Well done Congratulations

Lisa: I?ve found this great forum too late, but i?ll write Skips results in here: Club Show Tulln 2007: VP (Harsanyi) IHA Tulln 2007: VP (Clark) IHA Wels 2007 (saturday) : VP IHA Wels 2007 (sunday) : VP IHA Graz 2008: Ex1, Best Youth (Kremser) IHA Wieselburg 2008: Ex1, Best Youth (Soltesz) Thats all so far, we are goeing to join the Show in Klagenfurt as well, hope he can finish his Youth Champion there...

Roberta Semenzato: CACIB in Montecarlo (MC) April 5th 2008 Ballet dancer in black del castelgavone 1st Exc CAC CACIB BOB new MONTECARLO CHAMPION event's pic:

Lisa: Skippy finished his AUSTRIAN YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP last week in Klagenfurt! We are so proud of him I cant put a picture in here, feel free to look at the ones on his website!

Natalain: Lisa Congratulations!!!

Lisa: Thank you Natalain! I finally found out how to put a picture in here ;-) so, thats him:

JT: Congratulations!!! He is so beautiful dog!

Natalain: Last week end we visit 2 shows in Saint-Petersburg: National all-breed show and Specialty show (for collies and shelties). Our results were very good! National all-breed show Natalain Prime Minister - Best Baby Natalain Non Stop - CAC, Best Dog --> fullfiled conditions for Rus CH title Natalain Heilory Hope - CAC, Best Bitch, BOB, Best-in-Group!!! Specialty show Natalain Prime Minister - Best Baby, Baby BIS (from rough, smooth collies and shelties) Natalain Non Stop - Club Canidate, Best Dog --> fullfiled conditions for Rus Club CH title Natalain Heilory Hope - Club Canidate, Best Bitch, BOB, res Best-in-Show!!! (from rough, smooth collies and shelties) Here is some photos from this day: Natalain Heilory Hope: Natalain Prime Minister

Natalain: Today in the International Dog Show in Smolensk Natalain Normandia have got CACIB, BOB and was prizewinner of BIG. It is her last CACIB for Interchampion tittle!!!

MacGees: Natalain: Huge congratulations!

Collie Dolli: Natalain, MacGees many lots of thanks for your congratulation I`m so glad for our...BB (Big Blacky) I`m make a promise, I`ll place new Dolli`s photos in her division

Nina: 07.09.2008. - CAC Pula (Croatia) Sandcastle's My Cup Of Tea won BOB, BIG-2 Here are some photos...

MacGees: Congratulations!

Natalain: Nina Congratilations! Tia looks very nice!

semi: Hi Nina and Tia! Congratulations to both of you! Will meet at Budapest with brother Nikita warm greetings

Twinway: Congratulations to Tia and you for this great result !

Loriseum: Hi, I just "re-discovered" this forum We participated at National Show in Kielce (Poland) yesterday and my Rojo (Loriseum ARROYO) was V1, CAJC, BOB-Junior, BOB and BOG-3 :) I'm very proud of him because it was our second show so far

Natalain: Loriseum Congratulations with this win!!! I have seen that you are very successful in show with mother of this gentleman. So he is follow after his mum Very nice photo!

Roberta Semenzato: well done!!

Natalain: Today at the National Dog Show in Saint-Petersburg: Natalain Prime Minister - JCAC, BOB, resBIG !!! It was the first time of Vovan`s shown in junior class

MacGees: Natalain: Huge congratulations!

Natalain: MacGees Thank you!

Roberta Semenzato: always happy to know about a smooth's placement in group!

Lea: Bravo Loriseum and Natalia!

Natalain: Roberta Semenzato Lea Thank you!

JT: 21.12.2008 Vilnius Christmas Cup 2008 Milli Miller V6imas Samurai Aapo - BOB Junior, BOB and BIG 3 And now he is EST, LV, LT and BALT JCH

MacGees: In the same show.. CACIB & CC MacGee's High Speed CACIB & CC --> new Lithuanian Champion Tender Wind's Majestic Maggie Congratulations again JT & Aapo!

MacGees: Picture of our new LT champion, Tender Wind's Majestic Maggie photo: Maarit Haavisto

JT: Thank You MacGeers! And congratulation to you too

JT: In Estonia, Tartu national dog show 10.01.2009 Timonan Qiana Qinnie was BOB, BIG-1, BIS-2 !! Congratulations Tuula!

Natalain: JT MacGees Congratulations!!! JT wrote: Timonan Qiana Qinnie was BOB, BIG-1, BIS-2 !! Congratulations Tuula! Great!!! Congratulations to Tuula!

Mabinogion: that is great Tuula! Congratulations

Nina: Big congratulations to all of you - Arroyo, Vovan, Aapo, MacGees team, and Qiana Qinnie! Maggie looks wonderful in this photo...

Natalain: 19.04.09 Collie-Sheltie Show in Saint Petersburg Natalain Prime Minister - BOB, JBIS, BIS-III 19.04.09 International Show in Saint Petersburg Natalain Prime Minister - BJ, BOB 25.04.09 National All-Breed Show in Saint Petersburg Natalain Tarielle - Best Baby, Baby BIS-III Natalain Prime Minister - BOB, BIG

Lisa: Congratulations Nataliya!

Dianne: Congratulations to Selbit and Natalain for their fantastic results and here's hoping one of their offspring in France, Grazel Atlantica, will do equally well. Dianne

Natalain: Dianne Thank you!

Collie Dolli: Dianne thank you for your congratulations to our daughter "Tina"

JT: Today, in 28.06.2009 there was "Sheep and Cattle dogs speciality dog show" in Prnu, Estonia. Milli Miller Vimas Samurai Aapo was BIS 1!! It's the first time the BIS 1 is a smooth collie in that speciality show So that is why we are really happy and still very positively suprised More info about the show you can read in our blog.

Lisa: wow, congratulations!!!

Duna: JT Congratulations!!!

Sanna: Very nice male! I was just recently sent a lot of pictures of him by a friend from Finland. I will surely keep my eye on this dog, he has great qualities! My congratulations on this victory - many more will come - I'm sure Kind regards, Sanna

JT: Thank you Lisa, Duna and Sanna for your kind words :) It really means a lot to us.

Natalain: JT Congratulations!!! It`s really perfect result!!!

Natalain: 27.06.09 International Show "White Nights" Saint-Petersburg, Russia Best Puppy: Natalain Tarielle BD, CACIB, BOB, BIG-III Natalain Prime Minister 28.06.09 International Show "White Nights-II" Saint-Petersburg, Russia Best Puppy: Natalain Tarielle BB, CACIB Natalain Heilory Hope BD, CACIB, BOB Natalain Prime Minister Also our dogs took part in the Frisbee Competition in this show. I will write about it in the separate topic.

JT: Thank you Natalain! Congratulations for Vovan excellent results as well Also looking foward to read about the frisbee competition, cause we are big fans of it :)

Natalain: JT Thank you! Sasha (Duna) make frisby topic already: here is Vovan`s photo from last show (BIG-III):

Nina: Very nice, congratulations!

Roberta Semenzato: yesterday Class took part at his very first show, he was the only one smooth and awarded EXC 1ST + BOB under Mr Mentasti. The judge also keep Class among the first six dogs in group, I'm so happy of that because he is really young its the translation of judgement: 9 months, good type, good skull and muzzle, excellent expression, correct topline with well high wither, chest enough devolpet fo the age, good kidney and back, excellent angolations and front, good move

Lisa: congrats!

Lisa: Today we were at the Clubshow in Tulln (Austria), only two Smooths: Joyce Krasna Louka getting Best Youth and Skip winning Excellent1, CAC-A, Best male, Clubwinner and Best Of Breed... with that he fulfills the conditions for Austrian champion and Austrian Clubchampion!

Duna: Lisa Congratulations!

Lea: Congratulations Lisa and Skip!

asandzan: Congratulations Lisa & Skip! My little Lempi (Asandzan Carla) was in Kotka puppyshow yesterday BOB BIG1 BIS3 And Lempi and her sister Vilma were BIS3 brace, it was..umm.. .. interesting

JT: Congratulations Lisa and Skip! And Asandzan - really wonderful results!! Big congratulations

Lisa: Asandzan: Two females as a brace?? I thought it had to be a pair (male/female) ? And carla is sooo beautyful

asandzan: Lisa, it's possible in puppyshows here

Duna: asandzan Congratulations!!!

asandzan: Here she is with her prizes

Nina: Wow, very nice! I found some photos from that puppy show, Lempi looked excellent! Lisa, congratulations! Were you also at all-breed show on Sunday? Could you write me Smooths from the catalogue?

Lisa: Nina: I was only there at Saturday, but I know a little about who was there: Males Open: Rowvale Road to Victory - CACIB, Bundessieger Males champion: Sandcastles King Of The Swing - resCACIB Females: I guess Joyce Krasna Louka (youth) because she was there at saturday too Allegra von den Plejaden - CACIB, Bundessieger Shulune Imperial Signature - res. CACIB? Sorry, I don't know about exact rades like Excellent or very good or BOB, but it will soon be at the Homepage of our British Sheepdog Club,

Nina: Lisa, thanks a lot!

Lisa: Nina wrote: Lisa, congratulations! Were you also at all-breed show on Sunday? Could you write me Smooths from the catalogue? Here are the results from Sunday, 4th of october: COLLIE SMOOTH males Open Class Ex1, CACA, CACIB, Rowvale Road to Victory, Owner.: Stengel Manuel, D Championclass, Ex1, CACA, Res.CACIB, Sandcastle's Kingofthe Swing, Owner.: Semianova Jana, SK Bitches Youth Class Ex1, Best Youth, BOB, Joyce Krasna Louka, Owner.: Ourednikova Michaela, CZ Intermediate Class Ex1, CACA, Res.CACIB, Shulune Imperial Signature, Owner.: Semianova Jana, SK Champion Class Ex1, CACA, CACIB, Allegra von den Plejaden, Qwner.: Exl Ulrike, A Judge: Alan Stevens, GB

shulune: sorry its a bit late lol but the 1st ch show of the year with CC`s hear in the u.k is manchester all breeds ch show my homebred girl SHULUNE IMPERIAL LEGACY won puppy bitch (11 entries abs 4) she then went on to win RCC & BEST PUPPY IN BREED this was her 1st Ch show and only her 2nd outting at 6.5mnths old we are so proud of her

semi: CONGRAT to Lien´s half sister Sway!!! Well done! She is beautyful girl HUUUUG from us

runestonedogs: Congratulations Will you be at SCOTY? Having now lost me elderly RR, I am hoping to have a Smooth in the future and have been attending some of the shows to get to meet people and of course the dogs.... I have owned and Shown Ridgebacks for 15years and also have a German Spitz Mittel. In fact, Mandie (Flamuna) mentioned you at Crufts... Would be good to say Hi, if your going to be there.

Lisa: Oh I've just seen that it has been quite a while since my last update here So, since that last Show in october 2009 Skip has finished his Hungarian Champion with 2 CACIB and one BOB at the double-show in Budapest in november. This spring he got 2 CAC for his Czech Champion and at the same weekend 2 CACIBs and one BOB to finish his International Champion with not even 3 years of age. I am so proud of my "little" boy, as he is my first own dog, the first puppy in our family and naturally my very first Smooth Collie

Duna: Lisa Congratulations!

Lisa: Thank you Duna

artemisia123: With his second CACc win in Monaco, Black, Cieran du Clos des Castagniers, became Monagasque Champion

termite: congratulations here the results from CACIB dresden, 11.4.2010, jugde ildiko muzslai: males intermediate: ex1,CAC,CACIB sheriff sammy vom ihlpol open: ex1,CAC,CACIB-R rowvale road to victory females youth: ex1,CAC-J phantom of scotland golden wing galina ex2,CAC-J-R jasmine krásná louka champion: ex1,CAC,CACIB,BOB anabela of bohemia balada ex2,CAC-R katja vom ihlpol open: ex1,CAC,CACIB-R angella black flying ear ex2,CAC-R flying heartbreakers famous blue rose

Lisa: Congratulations Dianne and Laura

termite: thanks lisa :-) results from CACIB Berlin 17.4.10, judge peter machetanz: males intermediate - ex1,CAC,CACIB,BOB sheriff sammy vom ihlpol females intermediate - ex1,CAC,CACIB-R juwel jette vom spreeidyll open - ex1,CAC,CACIB felicitas pf percyshome second announced female in this class, angella black flying ear, wasn't there special thanks to marina wienbrack for the picture and admission to application.

Lisa: Congratulations again - but you already know that