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Natalain: Smooth collies take part in the different shows in the different parts of the world almost every week. And often win in BIG and BIS competitions I offer to impart to their wins here.

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JT: Congratulations Lisa and Skip! And Asandzan - really wonderful results!! Big congratulations

Lisa: Asandzan: Two females as a brace?? I thought it had to be a pair (male/female) ? And carla is sooo beautyful

asandzan: Lisa, it's possible in puppyshows here

Duna: asandzan Congratulations!!!

asandzan: Here she is with her prizes

Nina: Wow, very nice! I found some photos from that puppy show, Lempi looked excellent! Lisa, congratulations! Were you also at all-breed show on Sunday? Could you write me Smooths from the catalogue?

Lisa: Nina: I was only there at Saturday, but I know a little about who was there: Males Open: Rowvale Road to Victory - CACIB, Bundessieger Males champion: Sandcastles King Of The Swing - resCACIB Females: I guess Joyce Krasna Louka (youth) because she was there at saturday too Allegra von den Plejaden - CACIB, Bundessieger Shulune Imperial Signature - res. CACIB? Sorry, I don't know about exact rades like Excellent or very good or BOB, but it will soon be at the Homepage of our British Sheepdog Club, www.huetehunde.at

Nina: Lisa, thanks a lot!

Lisa: Nina wrote: Lisa, congratulations! Were you also at all-breed show on Sunday? Could you write me Smooths from the catalogue? Here are the results from Sunday, 4th of october: COLLIE SMOOTH males Open Class Ex1, CACA, CACIB, Rowvale Road to Victory, Owner.: Stengel Manuel, D Championclass, Ex1, CACA, Res.CACIB, Sandcastle's Kingofthe Swing, Owner.: Semianova Jana, SK Bitches Youth Class Ex1, Best Youth, BOB, Joyce Krasna Louka, Owner.: Ourednikova Michaela, CZ Intermediate Class Ex1, CACA, Res.CACIB, Shulune Imperial Signature, Owner.: Semianova Jana, SK Champion Class Ex1, CACA, CACIB, Allegra von den Plejaden, Qwner.: Exl Ulrike, A Judge: Alan Stevens, GB

shulune: sorry its a bit late lol but the 1st ch show of the year with CC`s hear in the u.k is manchester all breeds ch show my homebred girl SHULUNE IMPERIAL LEGACY won puppy bitch (11 entries abs 4) she then went on to win RCC & BEST PUPPY IN BREED this was her 1st Ch show and only her 2nd outting at 6.5mnths old we are so proud of her

semi: CONGRAT to Lien´s half sister Sway!!! Well done! She is beautyful girl HUUUUG from us

runestonedogs: Congratulations Will you be at SCOTY? Having now lost me elderly RR, I am hoping to have a Smooth in the future and have been attending some of the shows to get to meet people and of course the dogs.... I have owned and Shown Ridgebacks for 15years and also have a German Spitz Mittel. In fact, Mandie (Flamuna) mentioned you at Crufts... Would be good to say Hi, if your going to be there.

Lisa: Oh I've just seen that it has been quite a while since my last update here So, since that last Show in october 2009 Skip has finished his Hungarian Champion with 2 CACIB and one BOB at the double-show in Budapest in november. This spring he got 2 CAC for his Czech Champion and at the same weekend 2 CACIBs and one BOB to finish his International Champion with not even 3 years of age. I am so proud of my "little" boy, as he is my first own dog, the first puppy in our family and naturally my very first Smooth Collie

Duna: Lisa Congratulations!

Lisa: Thank you Duna

artemisia123: With his second CACc win in Monaco, Black, Cieran du Clos des Castagniers, became Monagasque Champion

termite: congratulations here the results from CACIB dresden, 11.4.2010, jugde ildiko muzslai: males intermediate: ex1,CAC,CACIB sheriff sammy vom ihlpol open: ex1,CAC,CACIB-R rowvale road to victory females youth: ex1,CAC-J phantom of scotland golden wing galina ex2,CAC-J-R jasmine krásná louka champion: ex1,CAC,CACIB,BOB anabela of bohemia balada ex2,CAC-R katja vom ihlpol open: ex1,CAC,CACIB-R angella black flying ear ex2,CAC-R flying heartbreakers famous blue rose

Lisa: Congratulations Dianne and Laura

termite: thanks lisa :-) results from CACIB Berlin 17.4.10, judge peter machetanz: males intermediate - ex1,CAC,CACIB,BOB sheriff sammy vom ihlpol females intermediate - ex1,CAC,CACIB-R juwel jette vom spreeidyll open - ex1,CAC,CACIB felicitas pf percyshome second announced female in this class, angella black flying ear, wasn't there special thanks to marina wienbrack for the picture and admission to application.

Lisa: Congratulations again - but you already know that

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