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"Show weekly"

Natalain: Smooth collies take part in the different shows in the different parts of the world almost every week. And often win in BIG and BIS competitions I offer to impart to their wins here.

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Lea: Sena ist jetzt Junior SLO CHAMPION und meine Adria (Rough) SLO CHAMPION!!! JUPIIII!!!!!!!!!

Natalain: Lea Congratulations!!!!

catrin: This is already old news, but our Josh (Secret Affair´s You Raise Me Up) was BOB-puppy in Puppy Show in Hyvinkää couple of weeks ago. He also won group 1 and was BIS-4

Natalain: catrin Congratulations!!!

Twinway: Congratulations Cathrin and Josh

Roberta Semenzato: congratulation!!!!!!! in bastia umbra cacib my Cady was Exc 1st CACIB BOB and under english judje group selected

Lea: Gluckwunsch catrin und Roberta!!!!!!

Selbit: I congratulate all winners!!!

Selbit: 14.10.2007 Selbit Ensy Enigma - JCAC, BOB, BIG, JBIS-II, BIS-IV

catrin: Very well done Ensy Enigma! Congrats! *I just love these smileys *

Roberta Semenzato: wow what a result!!! "VAI COSI'" Enigma!!!


Shana: Many thanks! We try!

Lea: Ich habe vergessen es euch zu erzehlen, Sena war im Maribor (CAC) PRM,BOB,BOG III.

Lea: OH, ICH habe euch das schon gesagt... blond LEA

Roberta Semenzato: Maribor? Usually i go there but not this year... congratulazioni

Natalain: 27.10 Voronezh, International Dog Show, judge Revaz Khomasuridze NATALAIN NORMANDIA - САС, CACIB, Best of Breed


Pinehillside's: 27.10.2007 Lahti, International dog show. Judge: Hans Lehtinen Ch. Honey Melon Hartley Henry CACIB & BOB

Lea: BRAVO! GLUCKWUNSC! Ihr seit alle sehr Fleissig!

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