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Natalain: Smooth collies take part in the different shows in the different parts of the world almost every week. And often win in BIG and BIS competitions I offer to impart to their wins here.

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Natalain: Pinehillside's Congratulations!!!! Very nice photo!

Pinehillside's: 3.11.2007 Espoo, puppy show. Judge: Piia Manninen Cheyenne du Vent des Moissons BOB-puppy & group 3 Natalain: Tanks

Natalain: Pinehillside's And congratulations again with today`s win of your young lady! She grows very nice!

Pinehillside's: Thank you Natalain This was a "super day" to us..

Roberta Semenzato: great win

Selbit: Pinehillside's Congratulations!!!!

Pinehillside's: 17.11.2007 International dog show in Jyväskylä. Judge: Andrew Brace, GB Ch. Honey Melon Hartley Henry BOB & CACIB

Natalain: Pinehillside's Congratulations with great win!!! Very nice photo!

Natalain: 17.11.2007 Specialty show for collies and sheltie. Judge: Elena Kozina, Russia Best Dog, Best of Breed, BIS-III - Natalain New York Best Bitch - Natalain Normandia 17.11.2007 Regional All-Breed Show. Judge: Alexey Belkin, Russia Best Dog, Best of Breed, BIG-III - Natalain New York Best Bitch - Natalain Normandia Photos of winners: Natalain New York Natalain Normandia

Pinehillside's: Natalain: Congratulations of great wins!! Absolutely fantastic

Roberta Semenzato: CACIB of Genoa (Italy) a very important show concerning: SPECIAL SHOW ALL BREEDS (smooth collies too) special CAC for the italian championship CAC for the french championship CAC for the montecarlo championship Trophy in memory of Massimo Rebonato (del castelgavone kennel) for best male and best female 5 smooth collies entred Multi Ch. Multi BISS Balletdancerinblack del castelgavone Champion class 1st excellent FRENCH CAC + MONTECARLO CAC CACIB, BEST OF BREED

MacGees: Congratulations to both Natalain & Roberta Semenzato!

Roberta Semenzato: tnx, the fabolous paint is by aneto sara (del passo del turchino kennel)

Lea: Natalia, was fur romantische Photos!! Gluckwunsch Natalia und Roberta!

Nelson: Hello everybody, my lovely Nelson (Be My Lord "Nelson" of Flying Heartbreakers) got V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG II. at international show in Stuttgart 11.11.2007 Some pictures here (sorry for bad quality)

MacGees: Elvis, MacGeeґs High Speed was in his last puppy show yesterday with great results! Elvis was BOB- puppy and BIG-2!

Roberta Semenzato: congratulazioni ad entrambi!! (congratulations to both winners)

cris: Natalain wrote: Photos of winners: Natalain New York Natalain Normandia Spectacular pictures!!

Nelson: Hello again, last Saturday was great day for Nelson's daughter Anabela of Bohemia balada (Be My Lord "Nelson" of Flying Heartbreakers x Gaya Krasna Louka) got at international show in Wels, Austria V1 CAJC BOB and IV.BIG!!! She is only 11month old:))) Here not show picture: Anabela of Bohemia balada

Pinehillside's: Hi Pavla, Congratulations for Nelson's daugter great success in Wels Great work