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Natalain: Smooth collies take part in the different shows in the different parts of the world almost every week. And often win in BIG and BIS competitions I offer to impart to their wins here.

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Roberta Semenzato: PURINA PRO PLAN CUP Special show for champion dogs All dogs are judje from a UKKC, a FCI and a AKC's judje (3 judjes for each dog) Multi ch Balletdancerinblack del castelgavone In the moning gain 2nd highest score all over the pastoral group In the evening 4TH BEST IN GROUP I'm very proud about this very important show

Natalain: 23.02.2008 "Eurasia" International Dog Show (The main Russian Int. show!) Best Dog, CACIB, Eurasia Winner Natalain Hard Rock Best Bitch, CACIB, Eurasia Winner, Best of Breed Natalain New Hardy Dream Both Winners: Natalain Hard Rock Natalain New Hardy Dream Best couple:


catrin: Masai (Secret Affair´s Wild Thing) has started his career very very well. In his first show he was only 4,5 months old and was BOB & BIG-1 -puppy in Norway. The second show was quite good too In specialty show for collies and shelties he was BOB-puppy on the age of 6 months. He was also BIS-puppy Here is an old pic of him:

Natalain: catrin Congratulations!!!!

Selbit: catrin

Twinway: Well done Congratulations

Lisa: I?ve found this great forum too late, but i?ll write Skips results in here: Club Show Tulln 2007: VP (Harsanyi) IHA Tulln 2007: VP (Clark) IHA Wels 2007 (saturday) : VP IHA Wels 2007 (sunday) : VP IHA Graz 2008: Ex1, Best Youth (Kremser) IHA Wieselburg 2008: Ex1, Best Youth (Soltesz) Thats all so far, we are goeing to join the Show in Klagenfurt as well, hope he can finish his Youth Champion there...

Roberta Semenzato: CACIB in Montecarlo (MC) April 5th 2008 Ballet dancer in black del castelgavone 1st Exc CAC CACIB BOB new MONTECARLO CHAMPION event's pic:

Lisa: Skippy finished his AUSTRIAN YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP last week in Klagenfurt! We are so proud of him I cant put a picture in here, feel free to look at the ones on his website!

Natalain: Lisa Congratulations!!!

Lisa: Thank you Natalain! I finally found out how to put a picture in here ;-) so, thats him:

JT: Congratulations!!! He is so beautiful dog!

Natalain: Last week end we visit 2 shows in Saint-Petersburg: National all-breed show and Specialty show (for collies and shelties). Our results were very good! National all-breed show Natalain Prime Minister - Best Baby Natalain Non Stop - CAC, Best Dog --> fullfiled conditions for Rus CH title Natalain Heilory Hope - CAC, Best Bitch, BOB, Best-in-Group!!! Specialty show Natalain Prime Minister - Best Baby, Baby BIS (from rough, smooth collies and shelties) Natalain Non Stop - Club Canidate, Best Dog --> fullfiled conditions for Rus Club CH title Natalain Heilory Hope - Club Canidate, Best Bitch, BOB, res Best-in-Show!!! (from rough, smooth collies and shelties) Here is some photos from this day: Natalain Heilory Hope: Natalain Prime Minister

Natalain: Today in the International Dog Show in Smolensk Natalain Normandia have got CACIB, BOB and was prizewinner of BIG. It is her last CACIB for Interchampion tittle!!!

MacGees: Natalain: Huge congratulations!

Collie Dolli: Natalain, MacGees many lots of thanks for your congratulation I`m so glad for our...BB (Big Blacky) I`m make a promise, I`ll place new Dolli`s photos in her division

Nina: 07.09.2008. - CAC Pula (Croatia) Sandcastle's My Cup Of Tea won BOB, BIG-2 Here are some photos...

MacGees: Congratulations!

Natalain: Nina Congratilations! Tia looks very nice!