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Natalain: Smooth collies take part in the different shows in the different parts of the world almost every week. And often win in BIG and BIS competitions I offer to impart to their wins here.

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semi: Hi Nina and Tia! Congratulations to both of you! Will meet at Budapest with brother Nikita warm greetings

Twinway: Congratulations to Tia and you for this great result !

Loriseum: Hi, I just "re-discovered" this forum We participated at National Show in Kielce (Poland) yesterday and my Rojo (Loriseum ARROYO) was V1, CAJC, BOB-Junior, BOB and BOG-3 :) I'm very proud of him because it was our second show so far

Natalain: Loriseum Congratulations with this win!!! I have seen that you are very successful in show with mother of this gentleman. So he is follow after his mum Very nice photo!

Roberta Semenzato: well done!!

Natalain: Today at the National Dog Show in Saint-Petersburg: Natalain Prime Minister - JCAC, BOB, resBIG !!! It was the first time of Vovan`s shown in junior class

MacGees: Natalain: Huge congratulations!

Natalain: MacGees Thank you!

Roberta Semenzato: always happy to know about a smooth's placement in group!

Lea: Bravo Loriseum and Natalia!

Natalain: Roberta Semenzato Lea Thank you!

JT: 21.12.2008 Vilnius Christmas Cup 2008 Milli Miller V6imas Samurai Aapo - BOB Junior, BOB and BIG 3 And now he is EST, LV, LT and BALT JCH

MacGees: In the same show.. CACIB & CC MacGee's High Speed CACIB & CC --> new Lithuanian Champion Tender Wind's Majestic Maggie Congratulations again JT & Aapo!

MacGees: Picture of our new LT champion, Tender Wind's Majestic Maggie photo: Maarit Haavisto

JT: Thank You MacGeers! And congratulation to you too

JT: In Estonia, Tartu national dog show 10.01.2009 Timonan Qiana Qinnie was BOB, BIG-1, BIS-2 !! Congratulations Tuula!

Natalain: JT MacGees Congratulations!!! JT wrote: Timonan Qiana Qinnie was BOB, BIG-1, BIS-2 !! Congratulations Tuula! Great!!! Congratulations to Tuula!

Mabinogion: that is great Tuula! Congratulations

Nina: Big congratulations to all of you - Arroyo, Vovan, Aapo, MacGees team, and Qiana Qinnie! Maggie looks wonderful in this photo...

Natalain: 19.04.09 Collie-Sheltie Show in Saint Petersburg Natalain Prime Minister - BOB, JBIS, BIS-III 19.04.09 International Show in Saint Petersburg Natalain Prime Minister - BJ, BOB 25.04.09 National All-Breed Show in Saint Petersburg Natalain Tarielle - Best Baby, Baby BIS-III Natalain Prime Minister - BOB, BIG