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Jyvaskyla Int 21.11.2009

acting smooth: Copied from Finnish Collie Forum. Judge was Soile Bister, Finland. puppy dogs 1. Asandzan Caspian Junior dogs: EX1 BestDog4 CC Timonan White Whistler VG2 Judy Magician Bad Boy Boogie VG3 Sandcastle's Think Pink G Faux Pas Nirreterrit Intermediate dogs: VG1 Jäälinnan Tuulen Haltia G Cluinntear Hummingjerry G Cluinntear Happyferguson G Sandcastle's Social Climber Open Dogs: EX1 BestDog3 Timonan Prince Prewitt EX2 Helga Neitin Väinämöinen Champion Dogs: EX1 BestDog1 Cacib BOS Sandcastle's Trust Me EX2 BestDog2 ResCacib Clingstone's No Doubt VG3 Mimosan Like A Strike Junior Bitches: EX1 BestBitch1 CC BOB Timonan Veronica Velvet VG2 Timonan Walzing Wanessa VG3 Dandinas With Pleasure VG4 Dandinas Would You S Sandcastle's All Included DQ Sandcastle's All Inclusive Intermediate Bitches: EX1 Shulune Imperial Mystique EX2 Timonan Unique Unice EX3 Black Elles Enigmatic Magic VG4 Black Elles Enchantingmagic Open Bitches: EX1 BestBitch2 CACIB Goldlady's Gold'n Glitter EX2 Timonan Sapphire Sallie VG3 Dalimattas Action Lady VG4 Mimosan Jubilee Of June VG Sandcastle's Crash In Time VG Timonan Tawny Taylor G Secret Affair's Yes I Can Boogie Champion Bicthes: EX1 BestBitch3 Goldlady's Grace'n Glory EX2 Sandcastle's Time To Shine EX3 Timonan Qiana Qinnie VG4 Pinehillside's Passed Wonder Veteran Bitches: EX1 BestBitch4 BOB-VET Baubon's Tiktak

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Nina: Thanks for posting the results! Are there any photos from the show?

MacGees: Here are pictures of most of the dogs shown in Jyvskyl taken by me and the name of the dog is found under the picture. photos The folder consists of other show pictures as well (Turku INT January -09, Lappeenranta INT April -09 & Kouvola August -09), but there was a green carpet in Jyvskyl..

MacGees: Apparently this forum doesn't support all the finnish letters..

Nina: Thanks a lot for the photos! Congratulations to the winners!

Duna: acting smooth MacGees Thank You for results and photos! Congratulations to the winners!