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Norwegian Winner 2009

Katja H: Judge Leif-Herman Wilberg males open class VG3 Dandinas True Swinger away Secret Affair's Wild Thing BM2, cert, v-cacib (=> cacib) Clingstone's No or Yes NEW INT CH !!! BM3 Kari'Dahls Nemo Novell champion class G Shiny Lake's Dreams of Night BOB, NW-09 Clingstone's No Doubt Congratulations Jessica & Pertti ! G Gemdales Smashing Steven BM 4 Shiny Lake's Be my Double Dare females junior class VG/1 hp Clingstone's Sounds Good away MacGee's Nice Dream G Timonan Wiva WIsdom VG/2 hp Kari'Dahls Jolin Jade intermediate class BB 4 cert, v-cacib (=> cacib) Shulune Imperial Mystique open class away Secret Affair's Hole in the Head VG/1 Shiny Lake's Chich Lady VG/2 Kari'Dahls Nadja Natira 2 Oneway's Dream On champion class away Goldlady's Grace'N Glory 2 Flying Heartbreaker's Eye Catcher VG/2 Cinnaberry's Pretty in Blue BB 2 Shiny Lake's Chocolate Drop veteran class VG/4 Cinnaberry's Still Smiling BB 3 Smooth Ravishing Gift of Torrosly BB1 BOS NW-09 Sandcastle's Storm in a Teacup VG/3 ck Smooth Queenlike Image of Torrosly

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Natalain: Katja H Thank you for results!!! Great congratulations to you and Hjallis with Interchampion title!!! 6 little but hot congrats from Hjallis`s puppies from St-Petersburg! Also big congratulations for Jessica with 2-x NW!!!

Lisa: congratulations!

Cinnaberry: "VG/2 Cinnaberry's Pretty in Blue" Not that it much matters, but the right result here is EX/2

JT: Congratulations for Hjallis being now international champion!

Alertness: Yes, C. Pretty In Blue got excellent And congratulations to all that did well! Berit

semi: Congratulation ! We´re very proud specially of our Lien´s sister Shulune Imperial Mistique - Moira!

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