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Jessica Larsson: Yesterday my "Tappa" Multich Multiw Sandcastle's Storm In A Teacup won her 100:e BOB !!! And im so happy what a dog !!! Regards, Jessica and Tappa

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cris: Congratulations!!! It's a very important goal!!

Lisa: Wow, congratulations! how many shows was she entered in?

Jessica Larsson: Im not sure how many shows she has been to but, she has more than 160 CK and over 40 BOS and 42 CC so fare!!! Im so proud of her!!! Her titel is NL,BE,IRL,GB,DK,N,SE,FIN,EST,LV,LT,CIBCH, SV-03-05-06-07 KBHV-05-07-08 NV-06-07-08-09 EUW-06-09 NORDV-08 AMSTDW-08 BW'06'08 VWW-09 Sandcastle's Storm In A Teacup!!!!

Nina: Congratulations!!! Tappa will always be special to me, I'll never forget her BOB at Crufts '07... she was (and still is) perfect

semi: Congratulation to Tappa!!! We´re pleased and proud to have her nephew Nikita! Was great to see Tappa at WDS in october!

Lea: I love her, true beauty! Congratulations

Duna: Congratulations!!! She is Wonderful!!!

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