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Worl Dog Show 2010 Herning, Denmark

asandzan: 53 smooths, who are rest 52? I have junior bitch Asandzan Carla with me.

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termite: 53, is this the official smooth-number? do you have class statistics? i will start with my sheriff sammy vom ihlpol.

asandzan: Check your e-mail There should be your number to print and show information There was only total, 53.

termite: i haven't received an e-mail :-(

asandzan: Ok, I just received mine, so I guess you'll have yours sometime today

termite: ok, i will hope the number is not as high as i thought...

Jack Mack: Hi Hanna, I did not get any mail either! Sam is in junior class and her sister Heidi I also entered Einstein and Faye in intermediate. I will probably not be there, puppies are due around that date. But I have good friends who will take my dogs Hope to see a lot of answers to this post, who is coming???? /Gudrun

termite: gudrun, i'm a little bit happy, that you also have not any mail as yet

carluke: I am coming with friends from Australia, No dogs with us though LOL. Looking forward to seeing you all there though. Cheers Kate

OneWay's: I didn't enter any dogs, felt like throw the money in the sea, I think a smooth from Finland will win anyway ... When it was WW in Denmark last time it was the same smooth judge and also at the WW show in Finland, last year also a judge from Finland... no other smooth judges to find or?

termite: I know about the judge, but i will take the chance to see that event and participate. The opportunity was for me to go there, it's not easy for me without a car...and who knows what next year will show, or the year after. does somebody received any mail except asandzan?

Jack Mack: Termite - Yes, I got it as PDF attached to a mail. I know about the judge also but I see it more like a social event where to meet people with the same interest. I still hope that I can come

termite: ok, thanks for the info, i've sent email to dansk kennel club. right, i see it also like a social event. and i'am looking forward to the whole smoothies

JT: Results you find here: https://www.hundeweb.dk/dkk/public/openIndex?ARTICLE_ID=100&UTID=101001&RAID=2960&GRID=01&SHOW_UPLASSERTE_HUNDER=J Biggest congratulations to Winners and to siss Milli, their breeders & owners !! If someone made any pictures, please be so kind to share them here Hopefully we will participate too one year in this kind of big show, just to see all the smooths coming around the Europe to participate and meet up

Gabriela: no photos so far? I have only this one. Enjoy: Joyce Krasna Louka - the 1st place in the intermediate class

Cinnaberry: [img]http://users.kymp.net/p303496a/9kk Annie Laurie jmv-10 (Small).jpg[/img] JWW-10 Cinnaberry's Annie Laurie

Lisa: Congratulations - what a sweet girl!

JT: Very beautiful JWW-10 indeed Good luck to your lovely lady in the future

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