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The last Int. Champion at home

GlenmorangieCollies: Hello, Here is Daffy Dor Dagda of Glenmorangie, the latest International Champion at home, who won his last CACIB + BOB in Portugalete (Spain) on July 3rd

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GlenmorangieCollies: THANK YOU VERY MUCH, JANA Long time we were not in touch together..... Time passes toooooo quickly, lots of things, my computer crashed in early Summer and lost tons of mails, bookmarks and so on Fortunately, my working files are saved elsewhere so that I can continue to do. But what a hell CONGRATULATIONS too on behalf of the Glenmorangie team for all your successes. Go on that way I saw you planned a new litter. Guiness Draught is grand-son to Bell Pepper's Datapen, my "Flynn's" father Hope you many beautiful puppies. Happy to hear from you and hope will contact each other very soon. Kind regards, Françoise

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