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Crufts 2008

Tiggers: Is here anybody who are going in show? I'm going with junior male Papaya Whip v.Shaka's Royal Kraal and champion female Calibra's Dream Veawer.

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Twinway: Congratulations to the proud parents of Cruft's winners ! Congratulations Onni and Gaby Thanks for the films, really interresting !

acting smooth: Wonderful films I really enjoyed looking. I would like to receive that photocopy of that catalog also, if it's possible?

Gert: Hi Natalain and Anna, I hope to get photocopies of the Crufts catalog on sunday during the Luxembourg international dogshow. I will be back on tuesday and then you will the information of all the smoothcollies in the Crufts at last...... Greetz, Gert

Natalain: Gert Thank you very much!

acting smooth: Great Thank You Gert!

Gert: Hi Anna and Natalain, At last, I got the list of the smoothcollie competitors of Crufts 2008. I'll send you a PDF-file by email. The list can also be downloaded from my internetsite smoothcollie.nl on the filmpage of Crufts 2008. Have fun! Kind regards, Gert

Nina: Gert, this is almost like we were there... thank you!

Uptown Girl: Gert Have you seen this? http://www.dogworld.co.uk/Breeds/ShowReports/CRUFTS-2008-cos Descriptions and comments of judge...

Twinway: Thanks for the link ! Really interesting !!!

Gert: Hi Uptown girl, Thanks for the link! I make a link from my website to this article. It is very interesting to read what the judge's opinion about the smooths she had seen. I am going to watch my films again.

Natalain: Gert GREAT THANK YOU FOR THE CATALOGUE!!!! Uptown Girl Thank you for the link! Very interesting to read judge`s report!

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