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Luxembourg International Dogshow march 30, 2008

Gert: On march 30, 2008 the smoothcollies were judged in the 76th International Dogshow of the UCHL Luxembourg. Our dog Lucky van Shaka's Royal Kraal won the first prize in the champion class bitches and became Luxembourg champion. Seventeen smoothcollies were judged by Mrs. Livija Vaikeviciene, one dog was absent. The showresults: Dogs Youth 2Ex Flying Heartbreakers Earl Edward Coke, L.O.L. E/137/07, 19/06/07 Ch. Moon walker from Misstoff x Ch. Beautiful Baroness Victoria of Flying Heartbreakers Breeder: Paulus Monique Owner: Beate & Tobias Steinz 1Ex BOS BOB Youth Champion Rowvale Road To Victory, AH 02487707, 09/05/07 Ch.Moon Walker from Mistoff x Foxearth Flaunt It for Rowvale Breeder: Macgregor Jeanette Owner: Heike & Rolf Weidmann Dogs Intermediate 1Ex CACL CACIB Amos von Sconau, ÖHZB KC 154, 27/05/06 Jack Mack's Fellow Felix x Velvet Vyvianne du Clos des Castaigniers Breeder: Doppler M. Owner: Laurent Delheille Dogs Open 1Ex CACL resCACIB Jack Mack's Kairdean, VDH/ZBrH 164, 11/08/05 AC OneWay's Miraculix X Kimegan Cozy at Jack Mack Breeder: Hartmann Gudrun Owner: Petra Czarnitzki Bitches Youth 3 VW Claire Obscur du Vent des Moissons, LOF 1 Col.PC.121, 10/04/07 Jack Mack's Fellow Felix x Foxearth Frosted Image Breeder: Lukec-Varennes F. Owner: Laurent Delheille 2Ex Flying Heartbreakers Elizabeth, L.O.L. E/141/07, 19/06/07 Ch. Moon Walker from Misstoff x Ch. Beautiful Baroness Victoria of Flying Heartbreakers Breeder & Owner: Paulus Monique 1Ex Youth Champion Flying Heartbreakers Eternal Flair, L.O.L. E/143/07, 19/06/07 Ch. Moon Walker from Misstoff x Ch. Beautiful Baroness Victoria of Flying Heartbreakers Breeder: Paulus Monique Owner: Ulla Brand Bitches Champion 4Ex Byluc's Drama Queen, AKC DL91241708, 22/06/02 Bo-Dandy's Main Event x Lalique's Gale Force Breeder: Byerly Tasha Owner: Hartmann & Griffith & Weigel 2Ex resCACL Entitled Harmony in Blue von dem Eisvogel, VDH/COK 143, 15/06/05 M.Ch. Honey Melon Hartly Henry x M.Ch. Turella's Moonflower Breeder & Owner: v. Stünzer Karine 1Ex CACL Lucky v. Shaka's Royal Kraal, NHSB 2377606, 20/10/01 Cinnaberry's Blue Steel x Nite Spirit van Tarwonga Breeder: Heuvelink A. Owner: H.C. Leurink 3Ex Markylla's Maya Little Star, NHSB 2564268, 17/06/05 Markylla's Magic Star Performer x Turella's New Year's Eve Breeder: v.d. Noordaa-Meertens A.M. Owner: W. de Feijter Abs Jack Mack's Luacmar Leanaban, VDH ZBrH COK 174, 14/08/05 Honey Melon Hartley Henry x Foxearth Moonlit Fantasy Breeder & Owner: Hartmann Gudrun Bitches Intermediate 2Ex resCACL Flying Heartbreakers Dawn of Magic, VHD-ZBrH COK 301, 17/04/06 Shiny Lake's Best Gift Ever x Beautiful Baroness Victoria of Flying Heartbreaker Breeder: Paulus Monique Owner: Heike & Rolf Weidmann 1Ex CACL Jack Mack's 0ll-Mor Oighean, VDH COK280, 14/11/06 Jack Mack's Fellow Felix x Kimegan Cosy at Jack Mack's Breeder: Hartmann G. Owner: Laurent Delheille Bitches Open 1Ex CACL CACIB BOS Jack Mack's Myrna Maise, VDH ZBrH COK 198, 09/10/05 Honey Melon Hartley Henry x Jack Mack's Ethne Efydd Breeder & Owner: Hartmann Gudrun 3Ex Kings Valley Lady Liberty, NHSB 2546501, 23/10/04 Kings Valley Master of the Gold x Kings Valley As You Like It Breeder: Rappaport Eva & Leslie Owner: Anette Heuvelink 4Ex Mabinogion Cincinnati be Fayden, NHSB 2426767, 06/12/02 Markylla's Magic Star Pretender x Si-Si's This Indian Summer Breeder: Berkelmans C.P.R. Owner: D.M.C. Tibbe 2Ex resCACL resCACIB Twinway Bella Storia Importante, LOF 97/30, 21/02/06 Scrimshaw Ambassador To Fame x Oneway's Florence Griffith Joyner Breeder: Trepos-Pouplard Melanie & Rozenn Owner: Karine Bernard I have filmed almost every class. Editing and uploading the films will cost some time. I expect that the films will be available on my website smoothcollie.nl within a week. Have fun. Kind regards, Gert

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Twinway: thank you very much for the results ! Congratulations for the new title champion of Lucky

Natalain: Gert Thank you very much for results and congratulations with Lucky`s success!!!

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