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Vilnius Summer 2008 & Baltic Winner 2008

Vekku: Friday 2008/08/01, Vilnius Summer 2008 Judge: Jerzy Olszewski, Poland (Group: Peter Harsanyi) BIG1, BOB, BM1, CACIB, CERT -> LT CH OneWay's Gold Rush BB1, CACIB, CERT -> LT CH Pinehillside's Passed Wonder BB2, res-Cacib(?) Colombian Friend's Moonshine Pearl Saturday 2008/08/02, Baltic Winner 2008 Judge: Anna Redlicka, Poland BOB, BB1, CACIB, CERT, BaltW-08 Pinehillside's Passed Wonder BM1, CACIB, CERT, BaltW-08 OneWay's Gold Rush VG1 Colombian Friend's Moonshine Pearl

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Natalain: Vekku Thank you for results! Congratulations to winners!!! It is interesting to see photos if somebody have its

Vekku: I'm sorry, I don't have any photos. My camera was in hotell. :(

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