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CAC in Heinola (Finland)

Natalain: Last Sunday my sister Sasha was in Heinola (Finland). There were CAC show, judge was Leif Lehmann Jrgensen (Denmark). Sasha was made some photos here. Results: Males Junior class: 1 excellent, Best Male-III, CAC Fatikon Leatherman eri-1 PU3 SERT 2 very good Fatikon Skinflint 3 very good Cinnaberry´s Unknown Soldier 4 very good Final Fantasy´s Double Strike eh4 Intermediate class: 1 very good Fatikon Nappanahka Open class: 1 excellent, Best Male-II Timonan Precious Pratt 2 excellent, resCAC Dalimattas Sagotrollet ERI2 V-SERT 3 very good Timonan Pathfinder Pal Champion class: 1 excellent, Best Male, Best of Breed Sandcastle´s Trust Me 2 excellent, Best Male-IV Dandinas True Swinger Veteran class: 1 excellent, Best Veteran Secret Affair´s Gonna Be Star Females Junior class: 1 excelent, Best Female-III, resCAC Turellas Zalona 2 very good Lifedream Eleanor the Fair 3 very good Fatikon Buffy 4 very good Windswept Height´s Cassiopeia very good Milli Miller Viisakas Virginia very good Timonan Tawny Taylor good Calibra´s Gosh I´m Posh Intermediate class: 1 excellent, Best Female-IV Dandinas Put Up To Play 2 very good Fatikon Säämiskä good Honey Melon Romantica Blues Open class: 1 excellent, Best Female, CAC Natalain Heilory Hope 2 excellent, Best Female-II Timonan Qianna Qinnie 3 very good Lifedream Lady Freja Best breeder`s group: Fatikon

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catrin: Could it be possible to use one photo in my homepages? It´s the veteran pic I´m interested of

Natalain: catrin Yes, of couse

Nina: These reports are so valuable to us who live far away and can't see Scandinavian shows... thank you again!