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willowhurst: THE Smooth Collie Club Of Great Britain Smooths Derek Smith DCC : CLINGSTONES NO DOUBT ( MISS J LARSSON) RCC : CH/IR CH PELGHART PAINT IT BL ACK AT WILLOWHURST (AN.CH.07) ( MRS / MISS FORBES ) BCC : SHARIDON MISS AMERICAN PIE AT KNIPES (MRS J GARNETT) RCC; CH FOXEARTH FLOURESCENCE AT MOLLONEY (F.HUTCHINGS ) BOB ; CLINGSTONES NO DOUBT ( MISS J LARSSON) RBOB / BOS ; SHARIDON MISS AMERICAN PIE AT KNIPES ( MRS J GARNETT) BEST PUPPY; FOXEARTH FOLLOWING ON (MR G HYDE ) BEST MINOR PUPPY ; FREEJACK MIDNIGHT DIAMOND (MRS D PURVEY) BEST VETERAN ; SHARIDON MISS AMERICAN PIE AT KNIPES (MRS J GARNETT) MINOR PUPPY DOG (3) 1.Freejack Midnight Diamond (MRS D PURVEY) 2.Freejack Midnight Dazzler (MRS D PURVEY) 3.Manordeifi Storm Shadow Of Yeldust (MRS A STILGOE) PUPPY DOG: (4) 1.Freejack Midnight Diamond (MRS D PURVEY) 2.Juniperwood King of Kings (MR / MRS TRUNDLEY) 3. Foxearth Follow That Dream (C.A / J I NORMAN AND RATCLIFFE ) 4.Freejack Midnight Dazzler (MRS D PURVEY) JUNIOR DOG: (2) 1.Foxearth Following On (MR G HYDE) 2.Rowvale River Of Fortune At Snowtrekka (MISSES WINTER AND UNWIN) NOVICE DOG : (1) 1.Foxearth Follow On (C.A /J.I NORMAN AND RATCLIFFE ) POST GRADUATE DOG : (2) 1.Alopex Skymaster Blue (MRS I GRIFFITHS ) 2.Freejack Royal Knight (MRS D PURVEY) LIMIT DOG : (6) 1.Londer Look Smart ( MR G HYDE ) 2.Alopex Matt Finnish (MRS I GRIFFITHS ) 3.Sturtmoor Alexavier Odessy At Snowtrekka ( WINTER AND UNWIN ) 4.Freejack First Knight At Norfield (MRS D WALLIS ) 5. ? OPEN DOG : (7,2) 1.Clingstones No Doubt (MISS J LARSSON) 2.CH/IR CH Pelghart Paint It Black At Willowhurst (An.Ch.07) (MRS/MISS FORBES ) 3.CH Eridor I'm Mr Blu At Newarp (imp aus ) (MRS P LISTER) 4.Norfield Soul Mate (MRS D WALLIS ) 5.Darsign Minstrel Blue (MR AND MRS FULLWOOD ) VETERAN DOG : (4,1) 1.Foxearth Foreshore (MR AND MRS KENNEDY) 2.CH Rowvale Rainbow Warrior (MRS D HOWE ) 3.CH Dark Motif From Misstoff AW (MRS J TUCK) MINOR PUPPY BITCH:(3) 1.Rambling Rose Cownbred (NAF) (MRS P HOWARTH) 2.Manordeifi Sweet Suzanna (MISS D MOORES ) 3.Freejack Mississippi Magic At Norfield (MRS D WALLIS ) PUPPY BITCH : (7,1) 1.Foxearth Silver Dream At Jimjack (MRS J HARTLEY) 2.Glencorrie Dusky Diva (MRS S CAMPBELL) 3.Rambling Rose Cownbred NAF (MRS P HOWARTH) 4.Juniperwood Final Affair (MR AND MRS TRUNDLEY) 5.Glencorrie Sunsationelle (MR S BURTON) JUNIOR BITCH (2,1) 1.Rowvale Rainbow's End At Foxearth (MR AND MRS HAYWARD ) NOVICE BITCH : (2) 1.Manordeifi Sweet Suzanna (MISS D MOORES ) 2.Freejack A Touch Of Magic (MRS D PURVEY) POST GRADUATE BITCH : (5,2) 1.Manordeifi Penny Blue (MISS D MOORES) 2.Cownbred Follies Bergerg At Bothways TAF ( MRS L EDWARDS ) 3.Foxearth Fatal Beauty At Yeldust (MRS A STILGOE ) LIMIT BITCH: (6,3) 1.Foxearth Gold Filligree (MRS K GIDDINGS ) 2.Alopex Out Of The Blue (MRS I GRIFFITHS) 3.Chicnoir Lil's Little Love Via Snuggletooth ( MRS D PURVEY ) OPEN BITCH: ( 5,1) 1.Foxearth Flourescence At Molloney (F HUTCHINGS ) 2.INT CH Sandcastle's Storm In A Teacup ( ATC AF004551FIN) ( MISS J LARSSON ) 3.CH Glencorrie Begorgeous (MR S BURTON ) Veteran Bitch:(2,2) 1.Sharidon Miss American Pie At Knipes (MRS J GARNETT ) 2.CH Foxearth Finesse At Sandwick (MRS K GIDDINGS ) - Brace : (2 ) 1.Mrs D Purvey 2.Mrs D Wallis ROUGH COLLIES JEFF HORSWELL PUPPY DOG ... NO ENTRIES JUNIOR DOG :(1) 1. Lanlin Brackens The Daddy ( Mrs S Malpas) POST GRADUATE DOG : (3,1) 1.Karibuni Apache (Mrs P Hutchinson) RBD 2.Ladnar Special Bond (Mr and Mrs Randall ) LIMIT DOG: (1) 1.Coarhabeg Raphael ( Mr and Mrs Sargeant ) OPEN DOG : (4,2) 1.Ingledene Late Nite Legend JW ( Mr and Mrs Geddes ) BD 2.Alfsden Circle Of Life ( Mr and Mrs Milligan) Veteran Dog (1,1) PUPPY BITCH (4) 1.Corydon Catch A Pixie (Miss M Blake ) BP 2.Mertrisa Simply Love For Courseview (Mrs C Bull ) 3.Lanlin Unrepeatable Love (Mrs S Malpas ) JUNIOR BITCH : (2) 1.Ladnar Doris Day ( Mr and Mrs Randall ) 2.Corydon Catch A Pixie ( Miss M Blake ) POST GRADUATE BITCH : (3,1) 1.Coarhabeg Floral Dance (Mr and Mrs Sargeant ) 2Ladnar Country Maid ( Mr and Mrs Randall ) LIMIT BITCH : (5.2) 1.Londer Lolita (Mr G Hyde ) 2.Neneland Natural Spirit At Alfsden JW Mr and Mrs Milligan) 3.Ladnar Red Renaissance At Fiorcara (Mr and Mrs Newton ) OPEN BITCH :(8) 1. CH Blackgary La Dame Chere AT Ingledene (imp fin) (Mr and Mrs Geddes ) BB BOB 2.Alfsden Hakuna Matata ( Mr and Mrs Milligan) RBD RBOB BOS 3.Corydon Rio Rita (Miss M Blake ) 4.Coarhabeg Blowin In The Wind (Mr and Mrs P Sargeant ) 5.Lanlin Viva Maria (Mrs S Malpas ) BEST IN SHOW : CH BLACKGARY LA DAME CHERE AT INGLEDENE (imp fin) ( MR J AND MRS V GEDDES ) RESERVE BEST IN SHOW AND BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW : CLINGSTONES NO DOUBT ( MISS J LARSSON) BEST PUPPY IN SHOW ; FOXEARTH FOLLOWING ON (MR G HYDE ) BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW : FREEJACK MIDNIGHT DIAMOND ( MRS D PURVEY ) BEST VETERAN IN SHOW : SHARIDON MISS AMERICAN PIE AT KNIPES ( MRS J GARNETT ) Apologies to anyone for any mistakes / spelling mistakes FIONA X

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Natalain: willowhurst Thank you for results! Congratulations with rCC!!! Also congratulations for all winners, especially for swedish Clingstone No Doubt, his owners and breeders!

willowhurst: Thank you !!!! And your more than welcome ......

Twinway: Thank you for the show results: really great to read it ! Congratulations for the RCC !

willowhurst: Thank you very much fiona x

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