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CACIB Tulln 2008

Lisa: here we are again: i hope all results are correct... Dog - youth Mighty Spring Meadows Day To Day Ex1, Best Youth Dog - Intermediate Rowvale Road To Victory Ex1, CAC-A Sandcastles King Of The Swing Ex2, Res. CAC-A (?) Dog - Open Braveheart Cody von Weidmanns Winzerhof Ex1, CAC-A, CACIB, Bundessieger Dog - Champion Jack Macks Kairdean Ex1, CAC-A, Res. CACIB Bitch - Intermediate Allegra von den Plejaden Ex1, CAC-A, Res. CACIB (?) Cinnaberrys Uptown Girl Ex2, res. CAC-A (?) By the way I found her sooo sweet ;-) Bitch - Champion Jack Macks Luancmar Leanaban Ex1, CAC-A, CACIB, Bundessieger, BEST OF BREED I hope thats all correct and I am very keen to see nice pictures soon Kind regards, Lisa and Skip

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Uptown Girl: Here are some photos from me - http://picasaweb.google.com/aislingagam/CACIBTullnCollie# But not very good and I don't have all smoothies...

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