Announcement Double CACIB Zagreb (Croatia), 1. & 2.3.2008.

Double CACIB Zagreb (Croatia), 1. & 2.3.2008.

Nina: I know it's not a big show... but I still wonder is anyone coming...? ;) Judges are Judit Papp Korozs (H) on Saturday & Vibor Jezek (HR) on Sunday

- 10

Lea: Selbit Shennon, INTER...2 DAYS.

Nina: 2 smooths on Saturday, 1 on Sunday... one of them is Selbit Shennon, does anyone know who's the other one?

Lea: 2 x cac, cacib, bob

Natalain: Lea BIG cngratulations to you and Sena!!!!

Lea: No, BIG ...only BOB (breed). Picture is nice???

Natalain: Lea wrote: No, BIG ...only BOB (breed). Yes, I understand. BIG = LARGE I like this picture! You both are really nice!

Nina: Congratulations girls, you were excellent! ... few more photos in Sena's topic

Lea: AHA...

Selbit: Lea Congratulations!

Twinway: Congratulations ! The pics are really nice !