Announcement 50-Years JUBILEUMI CACCLUBSHOW and ICS


Dragon Golde Collies: MEOE HUNGÁRIA COLLIE, SHELTIE, CORGI KLUB 50-Years JUBILEUMI C A C CLUBSHOW and INTERNATIONAL COLLIE SOCIETY for the following breeds: Collie, Sheltie, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Welsh Corgi Cardigan, and with MEOE ANGOL PÁSZTORKUTYA CLUB: Bearded Collie, Border Collie, Ausztrál juhász, Kelpie, Cattledog Attention! According to the decision of the MEOE our Club will organise the Club Show of the following breeds as well: Hrvatski Ovcar,Slovensky Cuvac, Bergamasco, Maremanno Abruzzese,Pastor de Mallorquin, Cao da Serra Aires, Saarloos wolfhond, Berger de Picardie,Bouvier de Ardennes, Romanian Mioritic Shepherd, Romanian Carpatian Shepherd, Lancashire Heelers on 2008 Október 4th Place: Budapest Kincsem Park (X.ker. Albertirsai út) Entries Close: / Meldeschluss: 2008 szeptember 04. / 04.09. 2008. ENTRY FEE ONLY FOR EXHIBITORS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES MELDEGEBÜHREN NUR FÜR AUSLANDISCHE AUSSTELLERS 04.09.2008 For the 1 st dog - Für den 1. Hund 35, Euro For every additional dog - without catalogue 30, Euro Für jeden weiteren Hund - ohne Katalog Baby, Puppy,Veteran class : 15, Euro Zuchtgrupp,Paarklasse,Nachzuchtgupp,Junorhandling Breeders Group,Brace Couple , ProgenyGroup, Juniorhandling 15,Euro Nevezési cím : / Send your entries : / Melde Adresse : MEOE Hungária Collie, Sheltie,Corgi Klub Budapest, Pf : 348, 1325 e-mail: online: Payment for foreign exhibitors by bank order MEOE Hungária Collie-Sheltie-Corgi Klub HU29- 10102086 09723300 01001000, Swift kód : BUDAHUHB 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 12. Classes: Baby osztály (3-6 hónap Kölyök osztály (6-9 hónap) Puppy Class (6-9 months) Jüngstenklasse (6-9 Monate) Fiatal osztály (9-18 hónap) Junior class (9-18 months) Jugendklasse 9-18 Monate) Növendék o (15-24 hónap) Intermediate class (15-24 months) Zwichenklasse (15-24 Monate) Munka osztály, Working class, Gebrauch Klasse Nyilt osztály (15 hónaptól) Open class (from 15 months) Offene Klasse (ab 15 Monate) Champion osztály, Championclass, Siegerklasse Veterán osztály (7 év felett), Veteran class (from 7 years), Veteranenklasse (ab 7 Jahre) Only the entry forms with following enclosures will be accepted : -- entry form filled in correctly -- receipt of entry fee payment -- pedigree (FCI or FCI contrac + partners) photo copy -- Champion Certificate (photo copy) - Working Certificate (photo copy) List of Judges: / Richterliste: Leader Judge: Kardos Vilmos /H/ Collie Rough male, female ( kan, szuka) Intermedier, open, champion class +BOB: John Geddes (GB) Collie Rough baby, puppy, junior, veteran class and Collie Smooth: Alan Jones (GB) Sheltie,Bearded collie: Jozefina Gomez Toldra (E) Border collie: Ruth Wagner (LUX) Welsh corgi pembroke, Welsh corgi cardigan, Lancashire Heelers, Ausztrál juhász, Kelpie,Cattledog: Denis Kuzelj (SLO) Hrvatski Ovcar, Slovensky Cuvac, Bergamasco, Maremanno Abruzzese, Pastor de Mallorquin, Cao da Serra Aires, Saarloos wolfhond, Berger de Picardie, Bouvier de Ardennes, Romanian Mioritic Shepherd, Romanian Carpatian Shepherd: Tibor Gellén /H/ Program: Entry of the dogs/Einlass der Hunde 08.00-09.30 Judging of the dogs/Richten der Hunde 09.30 BIS: 14.00- Informácó: Harsányi Péter Mobil: +36-309-337075 hcscklub@ Bárdos Mónika Mobil: +36-20-337-2258 NEVEZÉSI LAP /ENTRY FORM MELDESCHEIN Please fill out with capital letters! MEOE HUNGÁRIA COLLIE, SHELTIE,CORGI KLUB C A C - K L U B K I Á L L Í T Á S 2008.október. 04. Budapest Kincsem park Fajta Breed / Rasse Osztály Class /Klasse Kutya neve Name of dog Name des Hundes Kan /Dog/ Rüde ♂ □ Szuka /Bich/ Hündin ♀ □ Születési idő / Date of Birth / Wurftag Szín / Colour / Farbe Szőrzet /Type of hair / Haarart Törzskönyvi szám / Pedigree-No Zuchtbuch-Nr. Apa neve Father / Vater: Anya neve Mother / Mutter: Tenyésztő neve Breeder /Züchter: Tulajdonos neve Owner / Eigentümer: Cím: Telefon Adress / Adresse: Tenyészcsoport / Breeders Group /Zuchtgruppen Kennel név Kennel Name /Zwingername ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tenyészpár /Brace Couple / Paarklasse Kan neve /Name of Dog / Name des Rüden---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Szuka neve /Name of Bitch / Name der Hündin---------------------------------------------------------- Utódcsoport / Progeny Group / Nachzuchtgrupp Nevek / Names / Namen--------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fiatal felvezető / Juniorhandling Név / Name -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Roberta Semenzato: I'm so tired because on the same day of the club show I have to show 4 more dogs in the EDS's ring and I saw on the map that my rings are so far away by the club show-ground. Anyway I hope to be there in time for show Cady... Who's coming?

semi: Roberta, as I heard - at the Club Show will be more dogs than at the Euro show.... Want to say Zenith Of Fame Fantazija is confirmed! See you!!!

Roberta Semenzato: i was very surprise to see the judje mrs Ruth Wagner give to Cady the best of breed!! Now she is Hungarian Club Ch. and also Hungarian Champion!! Unluckly on the club show day the weather was too much cold and on second day Cady got a cronic diarrea and she won't show herself... anyway congratulations to all the winners and to the little Birka (ow working for peanuts) fot the grea result on the honour ring!