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New website for fanciers of the American collie

Alertness: Hello everyone A new website has just been created; www.usacollies.com . It is not meant to compete against already existing collie forums or data bases, but is meant as a supplement. Here you will find a data base of all American collies living in Europe, both smooth and rough. If you own an American collie yourself or are just interested in the American type collie, you are welcome to visit the website. Berit

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Dianne: Hello Berit - strange that no-one has commented on this site. Thanks for the link. It's really interesting. In France, rough breeders are very against American collies ( don't know why), and smooth breeders are few and far between and don't seem to have thought of using American collies. I guess the problem is mainly in the size. Sadie is very big - probably over the limit, but I was lucky in that she passed her "confirmation" and so we were able to breed with her. A male was recently failed in his confirmation test because of his size. In Germany quite a few American collies have been accepted for breeding, so that's encouraging. Dianne

Spiritwind: Dianne wrote: In Germany quite a few American collies have been accepted for breeding, so that's encouraging. Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland -- I know of several American or Canadian bred Roughs and Smooths in these countries! and I'm sure there are more in other countries!

myrnash: I find it a very good site, and have found information on a lot of American dogs that are in Europe that I didn't know about. Some of them are doing very well also, not so rare now for American dogs to gain titles in Europe. Also, I have been using American dogs for a number of years now and have found that the great majority of my dogs, both the pure Americans and the ones that are part American, are at the top of the standard but are not oversized.

Glenmorangie: Reading this post yesterday, I re-discovered the link that I visited a while ago and I completely forgot it after. So I spent a big part of my night to read many (but not all !!) topics and it is very interesting to learn more about the Collie and of course the Am/Can Collies I saw many of you talking in that forum. Thank you for your contribution for a better knowledge of these "otherside" Collies Some topics interested me futhermore and, although I have no Am/Can Collie myself but I really like very much many of them, I subscribed hopefully to bring my humble knowledge and experiences. And I am waiting for the Admin permission email... Hope she will agree. Best regards, Françoise

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