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smooth collie speciality show

Jack Mack: There will be a smooth collie speciality show held in Germany on June 6th 2009: Jugde: Mr. Alan Clarke (Lynway) Entries: Rolf Weidmann, Obergasse 17, D-55578 St. Johann Tel.: 0049 6701 - 1293, Fax: 00049 6701 - 960946, e-mail: colliekurzhaar@cfbrh.de online-entries: http://www.cfbrh-hessen.de/Aktuelles/Ausstellungen_09/Meldungkhc/meldungkhc.html

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Jack Mack: almost forgot, the next day there is a CAC show there too: CAC Bad Salzhausen June 7th 2009 Judge for smooth collies is Ruud Santen (NL) Entries:Ingrid Burgardt, Furtweg 6, 63743 Aschaffenburg Tel.: 0049 6021 - 62175, Fax: 0049 6021 - 610473 e-mail: ausstellungswart@cfbrh-hessen.de online-entries: http://www.cfbrh-hessen.de/Aktuelles/Ausstellungen_09/Meldung/meldung.html

Jack Mack: Just wanted to remind you all - deadline for the above mentioned smooth collie speciality show in Germany is May 22nd !!

Jack Mack: What a shame, there are only 11 smooths entered up to now for Allan Clarke !!

Lisa: I'm so sorry, it's a bit far away and I don't have hollidays by that time, so we are not able to come. :-(

catrin: Only 11 In our speciality show on next Sunday in Finland we have 113 smooths entered That is our new record in entries.

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