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Lea: EURO DOG SHOW 2010, 30.09.-03.10. Slovenija, Celje http://www.eurodogshow2010.si/en/ http://www.celje.si/en Welcome to our little country Collie Smooth FORTE Michael (IRL) Judge for the club show will be soon published.

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Glenmorangie: Thank you very much for this info Will try to save some coins apart to go there Best regards, Françoise

Lea: club show- Redlicki Miroslaw (PL)

Roberta Semenzato: I will sure agree to the EDS and still don't know if I'll come to the clubshow, is it in the same place? I will bring Cady in Ch class an her son Class maybe in Open

cris: Great, Roby! I hope I will come and take a look!

Lea: Yes Roberta, both will be in the same place ...

Roberta Semenzato: great! please let us informated about the clubshow's entries, judges, deadlines and so on

Lea: http://www.britanci.com/eurospecialshow/

Selbit: Natalain Prime Minister - 2хBOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slovenia,EUROPEAN DOG SHOW and club show!!!!!!!

JT: Wow! Big Congratulations!! Does anybody know the other results?

Bounty: There are couple photos from Eurodogshow at our web page. I believe all photo descriptions (with results) are right (Nina, thanks for Your help).

Nina: Congratulations to the winners! Here are some of my photos too... http://toonie.info/slike/celje/smooth/ Official results should be here... http://www.eurodogshow2010.si/en/results/show-3/2010-10-02/breed-40

Collie Dolli: Nina Many thanks for your nice photos! Natalain Normandia came to the EDS not in the best condition because of molting and because of the inability to train in the summer (probably many of you have heard how hot and smoke was this summer in Moscow). Thank you that you could photograph her in the most successful view and thanks for posting this successful photo. My sincere congratulations to all the winners of this show!

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