Announcement World Dog Show Bratislava 2009

World Dog Show Bratislava 2009

Lisa: Hi, who of you is coming to the WDS in october in Bratislava? i think of taking my Skip (though it`s a little late and quite expensive) because we need his last CACIB for Interchampion and I have no time in winter or spring - so I`d like to finish this autumn... but if there are many good dogs at the WDS, we have no chance at all

- 62, : 1 2 3 4 All

Duna: Bounty THANK YOU!!!!

cris: Uptown Girl wrote: Roby, special congratulation to you an Class, we are so proud of you Me too!!!

Nina: Congratulations to the winners! Bounty, excellent photos, huge respect! Here are some of mine... Light was low and most pics are useless... so I hope no one will resent me many nice dogs are missing...

Bounty: Nina thanks And thanks for Your photos

Duna: Nina Thank You for Your photos!!!

cris: Thank's a lot for your photos!! I wish I were there!

myrnash: Lovely dogs, nice photos! Compliments and congratulations!

willowhurst: Lovely Photos Congratulations to all .... We had a great time and everyone was so friendly .. Nice to meet you Natalia Well done on your World Winner Well done to Jessica as well .. and everyone else !!!!

Nina: Two short movies

Duna: Nina Thank You!!! Here is small video from Breeder's Group Day 1st: Smooth's kennels are there: one (Natalain) in the begin (3rd or 4th kennel) and other one in the end of this video.

MacGees: Wow, huge congratulations to the winners and their owners! And thanks for the results, photos and the videos!

IvanaR: Hi, here are some photos from WDS: Ivana R

Nina: Wow, I'm impressed! Wonderful photos!

Duna: IvanaR Thank You very much!!! Wonderful photos!

Jack Mack: Hi Ivana, really great photos, what a treasure to keep archived !! /Gudrun

Collie Dolli: Duna and Natalain my congratulations with GREAT Vovan`s SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lea: Big congratulations to all participants and winners!!!!

Nina: I added some more photos to my album... mostly males ... taken by my friend Lorena Kovacicek (

Duna: Nina Thank You and Your friend!

Gabriela: WW Gill Krasna Louka photo taken by Libor Hillebrant