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Double CACIB budapest (HU) 28.+29.11.09

Lisa: Is anyone from here coming to the Double CACIB in Hungary? It's only one week before Double CACIB in Nitra and I think about going, but I'm not quite sure yet...

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Lisa: is really nobody coming? what a chance to win BOB without competition - again

acting smooth: I really would like to come one of those shows with no competition. Here in Finland there is always 10 - 50 smooths and I'm desperate to chase the last CC for my Lettu. And I have already given up dreaming about CACIBs...

Nina: Come to Zagreb, entries are still open www.zagreb.hks.hr Or... you can think about combining you vacation with some of our spring/summer CACIB shows at the sea coast

Lisa: you could make a trip through austria, hungary and croatia, and maybe spain - i promise you would get all the champions on your way ;-) Luckily we are not always completely alone but the maximum at one show i attended with skip were maybe 10 smooties and at most two or three dogs in the same class... only CACIB are more sometimes...

Bounty: Don't worry Lisa, You will win BOB with competition Our Loriseum Abreu (Bryš) and Andromeda Jantárová hviezda are entered

Lisa: winning BOB against a dog that won his class at worlddogshow???????? (if I remember the right name?) we'll see... I just need the CAC! at what classes have you entered your boys?

Lisa: edit: boy and girl

Bounty: Lisa, every show is different, so everyone has chance. Our Bryš (Loriseum Abreu) got VG (very good) from some judges (even though he was alone in his class), so result mostly depends on judge taste. Bryš is entered into open class, Andromeda is in intermediate. And according my information, on show in Budapest will they some smoothies from Czech republic. We are looking forward to meet You on show PS: Why You did not enter Skip to Worlddogshow? Bratislava is not so far from Vienna

Lisa: Well, skip is in Open Class as well (too old for intermediate) so theres all-or-nothing for our boys... I didn't enter on WDS because I only want to finish Skips InterCh and hopefully Hungarian that weekend in budapest (which got definitely more difficult now...). So I hope to get both CAC because I will not show Skip anymore after that, it's our last chance so to say are you in Nitra as well? we have entered on sunday, but there I hope for the last CACIB (i couldn't use the ones from hungary, already got one) so, I'm also looking forward to meet you but preferably without dog (just a joke)

Bounty: First we did not plan to go to show in Nitra. But we decided go there two days ago (we have some remaining money ) and we entered Bryš to both days. We have not CACIB from slovak shows yet, so we hope to get one in Nitra. Bryš will be in champion class. So we will meet You in Nitra too (with dog - sorry)

Lisa: hmmm... will be nice to meet you but as i think about it, going there without competition would have been nice as well so I still hope against hope that Skip will have both days CAC in Hungary and the Sunday-CACIB in Nitra

Bounty: We will see, Lisa In all cases, will be fine to see Skip, we never seen him before. On this photos Skip looks very well. Good luck

Lisa: yes, we will see maybe I can bring another smoothie girl with me and there are the one or two dogs from CZ so there will be some nice smoothies to see that weekend

Bounty: Which smoothie girl will You take? Is it from Austria too? Maybe ... Allegra von den Plejaden? Or some else? Seems to be there will be lot of smooth collies

Lisa: No not from Austria, it hasn't been decided jet if I can take her or not or if the owner takes her herself, we will see... so i don't know if it would be very polite to tell it here ? anyway, there will be our two boys in open class, your andromeda and maybe the girl i take as well as a couple of dogs that are maybe coming from CZ... about 6 smooths, 3 boys, 3 girls...

Lisa: Does anyone know if/where there is a statistic for the show in budapest and/or nitra?

Bounty: I think, in Budapest (and in Nitra definitely) will be more smoothies, then 6. But I didn't find any statistics yet.

Lisa: maybe they wait with the statistics until second closing date is finished.... so I'm using the weeks before the show to prepare myself for not winning... never bad to learn that early

Bounty: Lisa, it is always better to be ready for the worst and be surprised afterwards, like reversal Take it from better side You will go to Budapest (Nitra) and You will meet new friends and lot of beautifull smoothies :-) There will be some competition, of course , but as I said before, result mostly depend by judge preferences. Skip looks very nice (as I see on photos) so we will use next weeks to prepare us not to win too But it is only show, if we will not win there, we will go to another show and maybe we will have success somewhere else. But almost on each show we meet friends, which have the same nice hobby - smooth collies

Lisa: well, as I'm not planning to go to any shows next year... but you are right, it will be very nice to meet all the smoothies and owners and talk about smoothie-stuff everybody thinks of the own dog as the most intelligent and beautyful and cute the only thing I am really afraid of is, that he will be attacked by another dog at the show. this happened before and it took me months and months of hard work and training to make skip enjoy the shows again as he did as a puppy, so I don't want his super sweet charakter to be destroied again so as long as nobody hurts him, I enjoy the show and people no matter what the results are

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