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Crufts 2010

Jack Mack: Crufts 2010 - who will be there? I was lucky to catch a flight for a reasonable price just for 1 day, so I will be there on March 11th. I will carry the last edition of the german Smooth Collie magazine "Der Kurzhaar-Collie" and would be happy to meet some people from the forum at the smooth collie ring Gudrun

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termite: i will not be there, but perhaps you can make some pictures, gudrun? it must be great to see this great famous show!

Alertness: Would be great fun but I'm not going either. Maybe some other time... I agree with termite, hope you get some pictures taken that you may present on this forum

minidonk: Gudrun Look Willowhurst and me up on the benches at Crufts, Forbes and French. Regards Ann

OneWay's: I'm going to Cruft's with a friend who have 2 of my smooths that will be shown, Ch OneWay's Top Speed "Dash" & OneWay's Natasha Yar "Tilly"...

semi: Best wishes - your dogs looks very well ! Sister of our Lien - Moira - will be there too.

Lisa: Huge Congratulations to Skip's uncle "Sandcastle's True Topic" alias Tatu for winning Best Dog, Best of Breed and Reserve Best In Group at Crufts 2010! I came just in time to watch him live in the group ring and there were really great dogs out with him. Other results are here: http://crufts.fossedata.co.uk/Breed.asp?ShowYear=2010&GroupID=PAS&ScheduleID=35

Nina: Biggest congratulations!!! I was so happy to see a Smooth group placed!

Lisa: Yes and as a plus, he's family to us :) A Smooth was also placed group 2nd in 2004 as far as I know but there is no video of it, unfortunately...

Nina: Yes, that was Sandcastle's Truth Or Dare, Tatu's dad

semi: WOW, so pleased to see won Tatu - Zeniths half brother! The final competition in group was wonderfyl...small Corgian ws really gorgeus and next our family Tatu!! jupiiiii In breed ring were many successes of our dogs family...Lien§s sister and half brother wons calsses!! And next R. CC dog and two sisters placed....Great..we are very happy and proud...

minidonk: It was a smashing day, lovely to watch two friends win top honours and the icing on the cake was to watch Tatu take Group 2, a lovely achievement for the Breed!!! I cannot post my photos on here but have put them on my web site of both CC winners. http://smooth-collies.com/ We have litter planned from my Blue bitch by True Topic this summer. Gudrun, I hear you were looking for me at Cruft's, sorry I missed you! Ann

semi: Pity - I cant found pictures of the dog from breed ring of smoothies..if someone have address to albums will be nice to add here...

Leneli: My album is on our web ;-) www.bayla.wz.cz

Duna: Leneli Thank You for photos!!!

carluke: thanks for the photo's Cheers Kate

MacGee's: I didn't take that many pics this year, so I put them in the same folder as last years Crufts pictures. You can find them here: Crufts 2009 & 2010

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