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World Dog Show 2011 - Paris

Lisa: So, it is still some time to go, but I wanted to ask anyway: who is planning to or thinking about entering/visiting the WDS next year? I would love to take Skip, but I'm afraid about having to fly there... not a pleasant thing for a dog, I think :( Anyhow - how many Smooths could be there? Maybe we could start a list, like we did for Bratislava?

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JT: I'm considering to enter Aapo to WDS, it depends of some things (weather we move to Spain or not) and will be clear the end of this year

JT: I entered Aapo to WW and France Championship'11 shows. We haven't been such a big show before, so the more I'm looking foward to it and especially to meet all the smooth collie owners A bientot

Sabina: We're going:) with Kangasvuokon Mary Lou. And maybe Erika go with the Blue Moon Leneli.

Lisa: Unfortunately I won't be able to go... I've got a seminar exactly that weekend and I can't afford to miss it. But we'll definitely look forward to WDS in Austria next year - right at our doorstep so to say :) Good luck to all those going to paris!

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