Announcement NORDW-07 15.12.2007 Stockholm, Sweden

NORDW-07 15.12.2007 Stockholm, Sweden

Tiggers: Are You interesting about this show? "The NORDIC WINNER 2007 (NordV-07) title will be awarded in each breed (Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex) and The NORDIC JUNIOR WINNER 2007 (NordJV-07) title will be awarded to the best junior with honours price (HP) in each gender. HUND2007 is also a qualifying show for Crufts 2008, England." Read more

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Tiggers: Natalain: Please, could you take off this message? Nobody are not interesting...

Natalain: Tiggers Riikka, I think that better if this topic will still in forum. May be somebody will interesting in this annoncement later? What do you think? Of couse I can delete it if you want. I`ll be glad to go to this show, but I`m affraid that 2 trips in the beggining of December will be too much for me (I`m going to visit "Winner Show" in Helsinki).

MacGees: Hello, Iґm going to Stockholm in December with my smooth Maggie.

Applepie's: I'm coming too With "Jami"

OneWay's: I'm going to :) I entered 3 smooths myself, veteran Per, ch Praline & open Klara. 35 smooth will be there... they will be judged after 37 corgis. I'm going to show my chihuahuamale Bosse & his daughter Bibbi to, it's 81 adult smooth chihuahuas and 33 juniors so we are not alone there.