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New Champion

carluke: NEW CHAMPION Bell Peppers Gate Keeper (imp Finland) Carluke & Foxbell Kennels are delighted to advise that Pena has obtained his title. Just under seven months since his release from Spotswood quarantine station, Pena went from a show debut that made people laugh as an untrained puppy to one that makes you stand in awe as he powers his way around the showring. In that time he has collected a Best in Group 2nd, 3* Best Junior in Group, BEST OF BREED Adelaide Royal 2007 where again he made people laugh by trying to jump on the display table! And recently sired his first litters totalling 20 Smooth babies in all three recognised colours. Thanks to Penas fan club both Nationally and Internationally. Now its time to let the Finn opps sorry FUN begin. Cheers Kate New photo's uploaded today

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OnniToivo: Congratulations to Pena from his relatives from Finland My Onni`s (Sandcastle`s Zoot Suit) father is also Dumle and my friend has both Onni`s and Pena`s brothers at home (Sandcastle`s Suit Your Self "Toffo" and Bell Pepper's Goof On The Roof "Sisu") Miisa&Onni

Nina: Congratulations to beautiful Pena! I'm a big fan of his dad, Dumle OnniToivo, you have wonderful smooths! Do you have a website? Can you start their topics in photoalbum, tell us more about them?

OnniToivo: Thanks Nina We don`t have websites and I`m not good with those pictures things Maybe MacGees will help me some day and I can start their topic

Mabinogion: congratulations ,you must be proud ! In nederland you never can be champion so fast ,you have to be 27 month of ages and then you must get a reserve CAC or CAC afther that ages again to be a champion ,no matter how many CAC you get before that ages . so we alwasy have to waith


MacGees: OnniToivo:

carluke: Thanks everyone, Pena waves to his family members. Miisa we met the lovely Gabby at Kirsi's when we were in Finland last year, and Trust Me must be a Konsta child? I tried to get puppies using AI but it was unsuccesful - we now have a Konsta son in Australia though so thats good. Jolanda we can't claim a title if under 12 months and like you a puppy has to win 25 points after 12 months of age. We have a Rough dog pup that this will apply to he was 9 months and over 75 of his required 100 points. Cheers Kate

Roberta Semenzato: a big huge to your new ch

Mabinogion: thank you Carluke for explaning ,every counthry have different rules ,to much to understand! i

Natalain: carluke Congratulations with new Champion!!!

OnniToivo: carluke: Yes, Toivo is Konsta`s son (Toivo`s parents -> Sandcastle`s Truth Or Dare-Baubon`s Tiktak) Gabby is lived with us now about two years. Before that she lived with Kirsi I found Visa`s websites in that forum.. Hope he is doing well in Australia Miisa

Twinway: Congratulations for the title of Pena !