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We are expcted sable and tricolor puppies in Smooth Drinks FCI kennel (Poland)

mojito: Smooth Drinks FCI Date of birth: 10 June 2011 MOTHER Mighty's Spring Meadow ELECTRA GLIDE "Mojito" sable HD-A ED 0/0 MDR-1 -/- CEA carrier (Genomia) PRA non-carrier (Optigen) Youth Champion of Poland Youth Winner Polish Club 2009 Poland Junior Winner 2009 Champion of Poland BOG-2 Sopot 2009 BIS-Junior 2 Lodz 2009 FATHER Clingstone's GOT TO BE "Pete" tricolor HD-A ED 0/0 CEA-clear as a puppy CEA-clear as an adult EE Junior Winner 2010 EE Winner 2010 Junior World Winner 2010 DK WINNER 2010 NORDW-2010 WINNER 2010 TOP WINNING SMOOTH Of THE YEAR 2010 in FINLAND Contact: Justyna Zakrzewska mobile +48 789-25-77-66 wetka@wp.pl www.mojito.collies.pl

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semi: Wish all the best Justynak and Mojito!!! pleased for coming grand childes..

Glenmorangie: Congrats and fingers crossed, Mojito

mojito: Thanks We are so excited It's our first litter

Glenmorangie: Don't worry, be patient and...... remember : alcohol is bad for health

mojito: Glenmorangie wrote: Don't worry, be patient It's easy to say Glenmorangie wrote: and...... remember : alcohol is bad for health I know I'm a doctor But I'll have to try with some tasty alcohol

mojito: Today we were on second ultrasound.Everything looks OK

semi: Not far now..can imagine hove you excityed now..aaah Hugs to Mojitko from famuily!!! ***

mojito: Thanks Jana Yes,we are very excited...Around 3 weeks to the end of pregnancy Mojito is a little bit bigger

semi: looks promissing - Justynka!! GOOD LUCK!!!

mojito: Mojito is happy that puppies will born in one week

semi: Lovely mum Mojitko all fingers crossed for well birth and babies - our grand childs..

mojito: Puppies are with us Dog1: Dog 1 i 2: Dog 2: Girl 1: Girl 2:

MacGee's: Congrats!

mojito: Thanks :) Some more photos from today (2nd day)


mojito: Thank you Jana Some new photos from today:

mojito: Babies are 7 days old

semi: LOVELY BEARS *****

mojito: Thanks Jana Babies have their names :D CAIPIRINHA Smooth Drinks FCI CUBA LIBRE Smooth Drinks FCI CAIPIRINHA Smooth Drinks FCI i CAIPIROSKA Smooth Drinks FCI CALIMERO Smooth Drinks FCI i CUBA LIBRE Smooth Drinks FCI CAIPIROSKA Smooth Drinks FCI CALIMERO Smooth Drinks FCI CUBA LIBRE Smooth Drinks FCI

mojito: Only beautiful tric boy - CALIMERO Smooth Drinks FCI is available

sero: Cute

mojito: Thank you

mojito: Few more photos of CALIMERO Smooth Drinks FCI

GlenmorangieCollies: Well done, Drinkers, one of each in both colours I had found a website with all coktails names in the case where you get a hole of memory but my hard disk crashed and lost all my webs and mails data (this is the reason why I write to you so late and I owed to register a new profile in this forum). Hopefully Calimero will find a good home very soon. Lookig at him, his name should be "Knight Bayard" if only that was an alcohol take a look at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Terrail,_seigneur_de_Bayard , or http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piotr_du_Terrail_senior_de_Bayard , or http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Terrail_de_Bayard Best regards, Françoise

mojito: Thanks Françoise Keep this website with all coctails for next litter.You will be my expert Calimero found GREAT home and ... he will stay in Torun (where I live) few homes away from me Thanks for links.I read about Knight Bayard.Good name for him

GlenmorangieCollies: Happy about Calimero-"Bayard" As for this famous coktails website, "the expert" has to research it again because of her computer problems and can't remember its real name Give Mojito a big "slurp" and see you soon, Best regards, Françoise

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