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Tricolor & blue-merle puppies in Natalain kennel (Russia)

LiliZ: In Natalain kennel (Russia) smooth collies puppies were born Rowvale River Raider x Grazel Aquarelle for Natalain Date of birth: 12 June 2011 Colors and sex: 2 tricolor males, 2 blue-merle males, 2 blue-merle females Breeder: Natalia Malysheva information about puppies here: http://solar-style.narod.ru FATHER Rowvale River Raider (Fido Fax To Foxearth x Southcombe Sophisticate At Rowvale) BIS2 in Speciality Show in Finland HD A/A, ED 0/0 Eyes clear (2 years) CEA DNA carrier finnish mental test +153 MOTHER Grazel Aquarelle for Natalain (Helga Neitin Tsaari Timo x Natalain Normandia) RUS Ch, H Ch, BLR Ch, UKR Ch, LT Ch, RUS JCh, UKR JCh Russian behavior test: T1, OKD-1, Obediens-1, Herding Instinct Test, Herding Working Test HD A/A, ED 0/0 CEA/RD/PRA/HC free (2 years) CEA DNA non-carrier finnish mental test +142 fullteeth Contact: e-mail: zaiceva_elena@mail.ru e-mail: malysheva@inbox.ru site: http://solar-style.narod.ru

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LiliZ: Mother of puppies - Grazel Aquarelle for Natalain (Kvinta)

LiliZ: Free for sale 2 tricolor males, 2 blue-merle males. Tricolor males have a beautiful black color with a lot of white. Male № 1 - for sale

LiliZ: Male № 2 - for sale

LiliZ: Blue-merle male № 3 –for sale He has a very beautiful and correct color, very beautiful head. We are looking for his owner, who is interested in the dog-show. For such owner - special offer!

LiliZ: Blue-merle male № 4 –for sale

LiliZ: Puppies three weeks Blue-merle male № 3 –for sale

LiliZ: Blue-merle male № 4 –for sale

LiliZ: Male № 1 Кобель № 1 триколор с половинкой воротника

LiliZ: Male № 2

termite: natalain royal gift is perfect!!!!! i wish it would be a better time for me for planning a second dog :((( it's to early...why he was not born some months later....

Collie Dolli: termite

LiliZ: This is really a very beautiful boy Natalain Royal Gift waiting for its owner

semi: so lovely babies**

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